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2/14/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Tue, 02/14/2023 - 9:31am

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National Security News Content:


2. Eric Schmidt Is Building the Perfect AI War-Fighting Machine

3. Rumors swirl about balloons, UFOs as officials stay mum

4. Claims of U.S. Involvement in Nord Stream Attack Draw Scrutiny

5. Blowing Holes in Seymour Hersh's Pipe Dream

6. Opinion | The all-volunteer force turns 50 — and faces its worst crisis yet

7. Biden to award Medal of Honor to Black Vietnam War vet who’s waited decades

8. NATO allies weigh more arms for Ukraine as Russian forces close in on Bakhmut

9. US-led Security Assistance to Ukraine is Working

10. The Case for Japanese Land Power in the First Island Chain

11. China’s Belt and Road to Nowhere

12. Ukraine and the Contingency of Global Order

13. What China Has Learned From the Ukraine War

14. Good Riddance to the War on Terror

15. Chinese attack on Taiwan not ‘imminent’ and predicting it unhelpful to Pentagon readiness: US general

16. GOP committee chair eyeing ‘creative wargaming’ to evaluate possible Chinese invasion of Taiwan

17. Chinese Balloon and Mystery Objects Raise Question of Who Controls ‘Near Space’

18. U.S.’s Asia Allies See New Threat From Balloons Amid China Spying Row

19. China’s Top Airship Scientist Said He Sent One Over North America in 2019

20. Russia Has Already Lost in the Long Run

21. Geostrategic competition and overseas basing in East Asia and the First Island Chain

22. A ‘Modern National Security Strategy’: Q&A with Rep. Ro Khanna

23. U.S. warns Ukraine it faces a pivotal moment in war


Korean News Content:

1. North Korea’s ‘first daughter’: Everything we know about Kim Ju Ae

2. Kim Jong-un’s daughter has emerged on the world stage – but what does it mean?

3. U.S., S. Korea and Japan will jointly deter N. Korean threat: Wendy Sherman

4. S. Korea, Japan seek ways to mend ties in bilateral talks

5. Why North Korea is denying its involvement in Russia’s war in Ukraine

6. N. Korea unveils stamp featuring leader's daughter Ju-ae for 1st time

7. S. Korea and NATO hold 1st military staff talks

8. Interview, John Batchelor Show on north Korea

9. The State as a Transnational Criminal Organization: A North Korea Case Study

10. China's defense chief sends congratulatory message to N. Korea over army anniversary

11. [Column] Reform needed for North defector foundation

12. A glimmer of hope for North Korea in 2023

13. JCS chief calls for 'bold' punishment against potential enemy provocations

14. Korean independence fighter Ahn Jung-geun and unfinished Oriental Peace Theory



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