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2/4/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Sat, 02/04/2023 - 11:41am

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National Security News Content:

2. What to know about the suspected Chinese spy balloon
3. CIA chief warns against underestimating Xi's ambitions toward Taiwan
4. Taiwan's Tsai welcomes retired US admiral for China talks
5. What China wants out of Blinken’s Beijing visit
6. How China Uses Geoengineering to Pursue a Hybrid Warfare Strategy
7. GAO Report on Contested Information Environments
8. The Free Press - A National Security Issue?
9. Scoop: Russia state propaganda alums launch new D.C. media venture
10. Pentagon detects second Chinese balloon over Latin America
11. Why Marcos Is Inviting the US Military Back to the Philippines
12. High-Flying Balloon Seen as Part of Broader Chinese Spy Program
13. Urban Combat Is Changing. The Ukraine War Shows How
14. China says ‘spy’ balloon incident ‘hyped up’
15. Suspected Chinese spy balloon drifting over U.S. has surveillance part as big as multiple school buses
16. From China to Big Sky: The Balloon That Unnerved the White House
17. Ukraine Situation Report: Kyiv Officially Getting Long-Range Rocket-Boosted Bomb
18. The Army Picked a Black Hawk Replacement — But the Fight May Have Just Begun
19. Why didn’t US shoot down suspected Chinese spy balloon? Expert explains
20. A Brief History of Spying With Balloons
21. Challenging the U.S. Is a Historic Mistake
22. Tanks and what they mean for the Ukraine War's endgame | John A. Nagl

Korean News Content:

1. U.S. has failed to halt North Korea’s pursuit of nuclear weapons
2. U.S. remains committed to using full range of capabilities to defend S. Korea: Blinken
3. Nuclear Envoys of US, South Korea Downplay Seoul’s Nuclear Intent
4. Peace on Korean Peninsula without denuclearization is not real peace: S. Korean FM
5. U.S. reverse-hacks cryptocurrencies stolen by N. Korea
6. N. Korea’s nuclear tests are a grave blow to world peace, says UN chief
7. US reaffirms nuclear security assurances to South Korea
8. Korean American Rep. Young Kim named chair of House Indo-Pacific subcommittee
9. Korea orders trading companies in Russia to select personnel to send to Ukraine
10. N. Korea orders prosecutors to watch and discuss the show “Memoirs of a Prosecutor”
11. How a New U.S.-South Korea Deal Can Deter the North Korean Nuclear Threat
12. The Unbreakable Alliance Of Cuba And North Korea: How The Two Nations Were Linked By Communism And Resistance To US Imperialism
13. The Korean War: The War that Ended in a Stalemate



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