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2/11/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Sat, 02/11/2023 - 11:54am

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National Security News Content:

1. Trump’s last Defense secretary takes on the ‘American war machine’


3. World War III: What a U.S. vs. China War Would Look Like (Who Wins?)

4. Let's work to keep peace, China tells visiting Taiwan KMT official

5. Biden plans to bar some U.S. investments in China, track others

6. China cranking up political espionage, German official tells newspaper

7. US launches unarmed ICBM into Pacific Ocean amid China, North Korea tensions

8. Disinformation Researchers Raise Alarms About A.I. Chatbots

9. Wagner Founder Has Putin’s Support, but the Kremlin’s Side-Eye

10. Pentagon Downed Object Over Alaska, Official Says

11. U.S. Military Shoots Down High-Altitude Object Over Alaska

12. Former acting Defense chief under Trump calls for military budget to be cut in half

13. Democrats and Republicans Agree on One Thing: Time to Get Tough on China

14. Rep. Mike Gallagher's Attacks On TikTok More Dangerous Than TikTok

15. How will AI affect translators of the future?

16. Opinion | Chinese Spy Balloons Are a Sign of Weakness

17. Red Zeppelin – How China’s spy balloon blew up relations with the U.S.

18. SpaceX Cuts Support for Ukrainian Military, Decrying Starlink's 'Weaponization'

19. A Healthy Budget Makes for a Strong Military

20. Peter Singer: “The Future of War: Is the Pentagon Prepared to Deter and Defeat America’s Adversaries?”

21. US, Japan, S Korea trilateral partnership basis for establishment of 'Asian NATO': Russia

22. Democracy is reviving in Asia

23. Seapower and Naval Special Warfare | SOF News

24. Exclusive: US developed method to track China's spy balloon fleet within last year, sources say

25. 'Incredibly Hard': US Forces Prep for Winter Combat


Korean News Content:

1.  U.S. has many tools available to hold N. Korea accountable: State Dept.

2. N. Korea, Russia defense cooperation 'not good' for Korean Peninsula: NSC official

3. S. Korean team rescues one more survivor in quake-hit Turkey

4. North Korea’s failing foreign policy

5. When the Same North Korea Policy Fails Over and Over Again

6. US launches unarmed ICBM into Pacific Ocean amid China, North Korea tensions

7. North Korea claims to show off ‘greatest’ nuclear attack capability

8. Everything we know about Kim Jong Un's daughter Ju-ae

9. North Korea ‘teeters on the brink of famine’ amid chronic food shortages

10. North’s military parade will make starving people disenchanted

11. Money for missiles: Crypto heists pay for North Korea’s nukes

12. U.S. ready to talk with North, but will continue joint exercises with allies

13. UK, S. Korea collaborate to defend against cyberattacks

14. How will AI affect translators of the future?

15. How did Gangnam become the Seoul epicenter it is today?

16. US, Japan, S Korea trilateral partnership basis for establishment of 'Asian NATO': Russia



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