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2/5/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Sun, 02/05/2023 - 11:41am

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National Security News Content:

1. Statement From Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III (CHinese Balloon shootdown)
2. F-22 Safely Shoots Down Chinese Spy Balloon Off South Carolina Coast
4. China Aids Russia’s War in Ukraine, Trade Data Shows
5. A Chinese balloon exposes a massive vulnerability
6. Ties to Kabul Bombing Put ISIS Leader in Somalia in U.S. Cross Hairs
7. A balloon upended Blinken’s trip to China. That could be a good thing.
8. War preparation needed: experts (Taiwan)
9. ‘Spy’ balloon sparks concern in Taipei
10. What the War in Ukraine Tells Us About Deterring China
11. China says it 'reserves the right' to deal with 'similar situations' after US jets shoot down suspected spy balloon
12. China urges calm over 'spy' balloon in US airspace
13. Washington weighing deploying medium-range missiles to U.S. forces in Japan, Sankei reports
14. INTERVIEW: 'We have been oppressed by unfreedom for a long time in China'
15. Xi Jinping’s Power Grab Is Paying Off
16. When It Comes to Building Its Own Defense, Europe Has Blinked
17. Critics see Chinese spy balloon as Biden's latest policy blunder
18. The Pentagon Saw a Warship Boondoggle. Congress Saw Jobs.
19. ISO Hearing: The Role of Special Operations Forces in Great Power Competition
20. China blames U.S. politics for ‘overreaction’ to suspected spy balloon

Korean News Content:

1. North Korea’s Recent Foreign Ministry Statement: Cutting Through the Noise
2. Russian propagandist praises North Korea's nuclear threats against U.S.
3. Journalist tapped as new spokesperson for presidential office
4. [Column] Maintaining the alliance is crucial
5. Korea's defense question and Bandow's piece
6. They eat ice cream and read 'Harry Potter,' but these North Korean YouTubers aren't what they seem
7. Photos show what daily life looks like in restrictive North Korea
8. Secretary Antony J. Blinken and Republic of Korea Foreign Minister Park Jin at a Joint Press Availability
9. S. Korea, US vow action on N. Korea amid push for new ties
10. Pyongyang’s “special anti-epidemic period” limited to diplomatic district



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