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9/20/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Tue, 09/20/2022 - 4:59pm

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National Security News Content:


2. Ukraine: CDS Daily brief (19.09.22) CDS comments on key events 

3. State Department watchdog gives failing grade to new counter-disinformation center

4. A 10-point plan to address our information crisis – People vs. Big Tech

5. Are Green Berets Turning Pink? Integrating Women into Special Forces

6. Physics Body Concedes Mistakes in Study of Missile Defense

7.  US Soldiers Provide Telemaintenance as Ukrainians MacGyver Their Weapons

8. Putin prepares to step up his war against Ukraine

9. Going Nuclear by Lawrence Freedman

10. Here’s what we know about the state of Russia’s military

11. Ukraine’s Success Shows Mastery of 3 Essential Skills of Modern Warfare

12.  China’s ungainly balancing act with Russia

13. Iranian-backed attacks on Albania highlights need for Cyber Capacity Building

14. U.S. frees Taliban narcotics kingpin in exchange for Navy veteran

15. Ukraine’s Counteroffensives in Kharkiv and Kherson and the Road Ahead

16. America’s Education Crisis Is a National Security Threat

17. The Fractured Superpower

18. The SCO’s Clumsy Push to Disrupt the World Order

19. Russia decides to transfer paratroopers from Syria to Ukraine - General Staff


Korean News Content:

1. Full text of Yoon's address to U.N. General Assembly

2. U.S. made dialogue offer to N. Korea in July, no response yet: envoy

3. Chief of N. Korea's minor political party dies: state media

4. S. Korea seeks 'political' solution to U.S. inflation law: industry minister

5. Physics Body Concedes Mistakes in Study of Missile Defense

6. Kishida-Yoon sideline summit hangs in the balance

7. N. Korea considers plans to replace populations living near Strategic Force bases and “special zones”

8. N. Korea’s leadership uses “patriotic marketing” to inspire patriotism among public

9. Yanggang Province students mobilized to dig up potatoes for a month

10. N. Korea's Magunpo rocket engine test site seems affected by minor flooding: report

11. Yoon's hope of striking 'grand bargain' with Tokyo remains elusive

12. USS Ronald Reagan could be joined by nuclear submarine

13. The Most Expensive Tank on Earth? Meet the K2 Black Panther