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Odierno: ‘There’s Angst in the Army’

Odierno: ‘There’s Angst in the Army’ by Sandra I. Irwin, National Defense magazine.

The end of the war is in sight, but there are still 60,000 soldiers in Afghanistan. The Army announced it will downsize, but it also wants to retain its best and brightest. The U.S. military will be redeploying forces to the Asia-Pacific region, but the Army is not likely to play the leading role.

It’s enough uncertainty to make people quite anxious, acknowledged Gen. Raymond Odierno, the Army’s chief of staff...


"the Army needs to be more like the Marines"...

No, the failed social experiment called the Army needs to be absorbed by the Marines (Yes, back-to-Boot Camp), with all of those NOT meeting the current standards given the choice of Green-to-Blue or shown the door, with the option of transferring to the NG where we need to increase their size 4-fold.

Once again, we need to re-organize our military & get away from redundant forces (5-Air Forces, 2-Navies, 2-Land Forces, Redundant SOF, etc.) (counting the Coast Guard as the 5th service???).

Take the BEST of what we currently have & put them in charge of their respective force...not the other way around just because they might happen to be the biggest...Do Not dumb down the forces.

We only need 1-Air Force, 1-Navy, 1-Ground Force & 1-Dedicated SOF, afterall, this is taxpayer $$$...Not some magic government $$$.