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Turkey Reinforces Troops in Syria's Idlib, Talks with Russia

Sun, 02/09/2020 - 12:09am

Turkey Reinforces Troops in Syria's Idlib, Talks with Russia – Reuters

Turkey reinforced its military presence in Syria’s northwestern Idlib province on Saturday as Turkish and Russian officials held talks about the Syrian government offensive there, which has displaced more than half a million people in two months.

Turkey says the advances by Russian-backed Syrian troops and their allies threaten a fresh humanitarian disaster, driving another wave of potential refugees to its southern border, and has threatened to act if they do not pull back.

Witnesses at the border said convoys of Turkish military vehicles had been crossing into Idlib since Friday, delivering supplies before turning back to return with more…

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Syrian Forces Capture New Areas from Insurgents – Associated Press

Syrian government forces have captured new areas from insurgents in their offensive in the north-west, as Turkey sends more reinforcements into the country, state media and opposition activists said.

The weeks-long government offensive has created a humanitarian crisis with about 600,000 people having fled their homes in Syria’s last rebel stronghold since the beginning of December, according to the United Nations.

Rebels control much of Idlib province and parts of the neighbouring Aleppo region that is home to 3 million people, many of them displaced from other parts of Syria

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