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New National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC) Director

Mon, 08/10/2020 - 5:06pm

Special Stand Alone News Item: New NCTC Director


5th time's the charm? Pentagon has yet another civilian leader of special operations in 3 years · by Jeff Schogol


DNI Ratcliffe Welcomes Chris Miller as NCTC Director · by Daniel A. Haug ODNI News Release No. 30-20 Aug. 10, 2020

Dave's Commentary: " Buried lede:  Congratulations to Chris Miller who is now the Director of NCTC.  Another great American. See ODNI press release below the article.

I am becoming increasingly convinced that if Congress wants true civilian oversight of SOF it will have to establish a civilian organization that has service responsibilities AND authorities not 'service-like.  SOF needs to be in its own Department of Special Operations as I argue here. "




Again, unfortunately, we are dealing with jargon, which, as usual, bears only a faint resemblance to well defined, specific concepts."  

- Clausewitz


"The American defense community is especially prone to capture by the latest catchphrase, the new-sounding spin on an ancient idea which as jargon separates those who are truly expert from the lesser breeds without the jargon."  

- Colin Gray

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