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Langevin Supports DOD Refocus on Civilian Oversight (SOF)

Thu, 11/26/2020 - 1:15pm

This needs national attention and not left only to the Warwick (RI) Post.

We need to remove the personalities and conspiracy theories from the equation and focus on the importance of this recent action by Acting SECDEF Miller. And Congress, as evidenced by Rep. Langevin, wants this to be sustained.

QUOTE: "As he prepares to take office, I urge President-elect Biden to prioritize the Senate confirmation of an ASD SO/LIC who will singularly represent the position, perform no other duties, and provide stable, civilian leadership. While for the past two decades our primary adversaries have been terrorist groups, today we are faced with state actors who employ proxies, exhibit diplomatic and economic influence, and wage sophisticated information operations. Special Operations Forces will continue to perform some of the military's most dangerous missions but as part of a broader strategy that equally relies on other U.S. forces. An empowered ASD SO/LIC will direct this change and inculcate the cultural shift special operators need in this era of great power competition," Langevin said.END QUOTE 


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