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8/28/2021 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Sat, 08/28/2021 - 9:42am

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National Security News Content:

1. Biden Administration Foreign Policy Tracker: Late August
2. ‘I demand accountability’: Marine battalion commander calls out senior leaders for Afghanistan failures
3. Marine commander who demanded ‘accountability’ for Afghanistan failures is relieved of his duties
4. US intelligence community review does not determine origin of Covid-19
5. As U.S. Troops Searched Afghans, a Bomber in the Crowd Moved In
6. Afghanistan and the big flaw in US counterinsurgency doctrine
7. To Honor the Fallen, Americans Must Learn the Right Lesson from Afghanistan
8. Operation Pineapple Express Saw Special Ops Vets Lead The Rescue Of Hundreds Of Afghans
9. He was a baby on 9/11. Now he’s one of the last casualties of America’s longest war.
10. The Campfire v. the Podium: the Persuasive Power of Storytelling
11. Lawmakers Probe State Dept Decision to Scuttle Plan for Crisis Response Bureau Months Before Afghan Catastrophe
12. Opinion | What ISIS-K Means for Afghanistan
13. 'Food fight': Lawmakers jockey for $6B in funding after Afghan military's collapse
14. Conservatives are backing Afghanistan's resistance movement
15. U.S. Holds Talks With Taliban Over Post-Aug. 31 Presence in Afghanistan
16. FDD | What We Know—and Don’t Know—About ISIS-K
17. Intervention: Unlearned Lessons, or the Gripes of a Professional
18. An army of veterans and volunteers organizes online to evacuate Afghans, from thousands of miles away
19. Spirit of America and Afghanistan emergency update
20. Most Americans say the declining share of White people in the U.S. is neither good nor bad for society
21. A heavily fortified C.I.A. base in Kabul has been destroyed.
22. The Taliban’s vast propaganda machine has a new target
23. A Family Remembers The 1st U.S. Soldier Killed In The War In Afghanistan
24. Henry Kissinger on why America failed in Afghanistan

Korean News Content:

1. Biden Foreign Policy Tracker Korea
2. 'Operation Miracle' complete with 390 Afghan arrivals (South Korea)
3. Could South Korea Be The Next In Line After Afghanistan’s Fall – OpEd
4. No 'unusual activity' from Pyongyang on conclusion of US, South Korea military drills
5. The U.S. Withdrawal from Afghanistan and Its Meaning for S.Korea
6. Young Koreans lash out at heavy-handed China
7. A Policy of Public Diplomacy with North Korea
8. Biden’s North Korea Policy : Alliance Transformation before Denuclearization
9. Debating North Korea: US and Chinese Perspectives
10. Afghan crisis reignites debates on refugee acceptance in Korea
11. North Korea Detainees Reveal Torture Methods For Violations Including Snoring
12. Unification minister promises efforts for wise use of inter-Korean cooperation fund