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8/27/2021 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Fri, 08/27/2021 - 10:52am

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National Security News Content:

1. Inside the Hidden War Between the Taliban and ISIS
2. After Decades of War, ISIS and Al Qaeda Can Still Wreak Havoc
3. In Taliban-Ruled Afghanistan, Al Qaeda-Linked Haqqani Network Rises to Power
4. For First Time, Half of Americans Favor Defending Taiwan If China Invades
5. Kori Schake on why America should keep faith in the rules-based order
6. Lawmakers, veterans step in to help Americans, Afghan allies escape Afghanistan
7. Crisis Management Lessons from the Clinton Administration's Implementation of Presidential Decision Directive 56
8. ‘A Total F*cking Disaster’: Inside Seth Moulton’s Secret Trip to Kabul
9. The Roads Not Taken in Afghanistan
10. US special operations vets carry out daring mission to save Afghan allies
11. A Better Approach to Organizing Combatant Commands
12. Amid Afghan Chaos, a C.I.A. Mission That Will Persist for Years
13. Former Green Beret asks SF vets to tell their stories for future generations
14. A Stranded Interpreter, and the Soldiers Who Would Not Let Go
15. Glitch in FBI's 'Palantir' allowed unauthorized access to private data
16. Budding Resistance to the Taliban Faces Long Odds
17. Behind Enemy Lines: Will America Face an Afghan Hostage Crisis?

Korean news Content:

1. North Korea remains unresponsive to South Korea's hotline calls even after joint exercise wraps up
2. Seoul's vice defense chief calls for N. Korean cooperation
3. North Korean border guards kill man along the border, leaving his body in place for two weeks
4. N.Korea Scared of Dissent Among Young People
5. Repatriated remains of soldiers show South Korea and China have restored military cooperation
6. The silly Peace Agreement proposed by the U.S. House of Representatives…who is behind the ‘Peace on the Korean Peninsula Act’?
7. Criticism of 'fake news' bill rises within ruling party
8. The Trouble With South Korea’s ‘Fake News’ Law
9. USFK reports cluster infection at Osan base after recent no-mask dance party
10. Military officers deployed to work on makeshift structures on North Korea-China border
11. Hyesan residents complain about being forced to come up with recycleables
12. Controversial Comedy Movie Returning To Netflix
13. UN asks N Korea to clarify alleged shoot-on-sight orders
14. ‘We were punch bags’: North Korean prison beatings form of torture, says UN
15. North Korea’s Potential Long-Term Prison-Labor Facility at Sŏnhwa-dong (선화동)
16. U.S. currently has enough capabilities to counter N. Korean threat: Strategic Commander
17. N. Korea's main paper urges ideological education for youth ahead of anniversary
18. For North Korean Defectors, Pandemic Severs Few Remaining Links to Home