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8/18/2021 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Wed, 08/18/2021 - 9:59am

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National Security News Content:

1. Intelligence Warned of Afghan Military Collapse, Despite Biden’s Assurances
2.  In the End, the Afghan Army Was Always Doomed
3. ‘Team America’ has success evacuating Afghans, seeks help as requests grow
4. Opinion | Biden is blaming everyone but himself. But he’s the one who gave the Taliban a green light.
5. Biden Wanted to Leave Afghanistan. He Knew the Risks.
6. Flights to leave hourly from Kabul airport, if evacuees can get there
7. The Biggest American Fuck Ups That Screwed Afghanistan
8. FDD | The Afghan debacle will destroy the Biden presidency
9. Mike Pence: Biden Broke Our Deal With the Taliban
10. The Ides of August by Sarah Chayes
11. Why Was there so little Resistance when Afghanistan Collapsed?
12. Unrealistic timelines, unsustainable goals made ‘victorious US withdrawal’ from Afghanistan impossible, watchdog finds
13. Navy SEAL Commander in Kabul Getting Bolstered by 82nd Airborne
14.Opinion | Condoleezza Rice: The Afghan people didn’t choose the Taliban. They fought and died alongside us.
15. A philosophy professor breaks down why the US has a moral responsibility for the tragedy unfolding in Afghanistan
16. Cobra blood is off the training menu for US troops, PETA says
17. To China, Afghan Fall Proves U.S. Hubris. It Also Brings New Dangers.
18. Leaving Afghanistan was America’s Most Moral Choice
​19. ​Senator mistakenly lists 30,000 US troops in Taiwan​
20. Chinese state media chief calls for war with US over troop numbers in Taiwan
21. Secret terrorist watchlist with 2 million records exposed online


Korean News Content: 

1. Afghanistan crisis stirs debate over stability of South Korea-US alliance
2. South Korea's ruling party calls for faster transfer of military control from U.S.
3. The world is turning its back on North Korean refugees
4.  US will not be fighting in a war that Afghan forces are not willing to fight, says Biden (Korean perspective)
5.  North Korea Cracks Down on Employees Skipping Work to Earn Money Elsewhere
6. White House assures Korea it isn't pulling its troops
7. Seriously? North Korea Continues to Claim Zero Coronavirus Cases
8. ‘Lips and Teeth’: The Enduring China-North Korea Relationship
9. South Korea's ruling party poised to enact media law that penalizes 'fake news'
10. <Inside N. Korea> Electricity situation deteriorates further: “Even in the city centre, supply is limited to one or two hours a day.” Equipment and parts not coming in from China.
11. <Inside N. Korea> Supply of COVID-19 Disinfectant and Protective Clothing Improves. “If you eat garlic, you won't be infected,” said residents.
12. North Korean media denounces South's plan to build new frigate
13. North may have attempted missile launches on Liberation Day
14. North Korea-China border wall running into trouble due to lack of supplies
15. North Korea crafts new legal provisions to punish businesses that fail to regularly pay electrical bills