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8/1/2021 Korean and Nation Security News and Commentary

Sun, 08/01/2021 - 11:44am

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Korean News Contents:

1. N.K. leader's sister warns S. Korea-U.S. military exercise will cloud inter-Korean relations
2. Vice unification minister plans to visit U.S. in September
3. Senior Japanese Embassy diplomat recalled home after disparaging remarks against Moon
4. Former EXO member Kris Wu detained in China on rape allegations
5. Unification official calls for delay in Korea-U.S. military exercises
6. Seoul faces dilemma in upcoming joint military drill
7. Untying Gordian knot on Korean Peninsula
8. Vice Department Director of WPK Central Committee Kim Yo Jong Releases Press Statement
9. Bill allowing politicians to take babies to work look set to pass
10. July exports best-ever in Korea’s history
11. Clean-up cost dispute delays US base move
12. Kim Jong-un hints at ‘hardships’, stoking fears of famine’s return amid North Korea’s pandemic isolation
13. Restoration Of Inter-Korea Communication Lines – Analysis

National Security News Contents:

1. As Fears Grip Afghanistan, Hundreds of Thousands Flee
2. Remarks by President Biden at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence
3. An Afghan interpreter and his family are in grave danger and I can do nothing to help
4. Sunisa Lee’s Olympic Gold Celebrated by Hmong Americans, Forgotten Allies in Vietnam War
5. Opinion | Russia’s New Form of Organized Crime Is Menacing the World
6. State TV: Russians Are Using Prosthetic Arms to Dodge COVID Jabs
7. The Geopolitical Olympics: Could China Win Gold?
8. Guam exercises provide ‘at-scale’ test of new Army, Air Force operating concepts
9. US senators urge Biden gov't to condemn Duterte abuses
10. US Marine quick reaction force deployed twice in last 30 days to defend embassies
11. The US doesn't need Europe's help in the 'Indo-Pacific'
12. Xi demands rapid modernisation of PLA ahead of China’s army day
13. U.S Top Diplomat Blinken to Court Southeast Asia in Virtual Meetings Next Week
14. Cuba's cultural counter-revolution: US gov't-backed rappers, artists gain fame as 'catalyst for current unrest' | The Grayzone