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7/4/24 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Thu, 07/04/2024 - 8:28am

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National Security News Content:

1. Shachnow Lane: Fort Liberty road renamed after Special Forces legend, Holocaust survivor
2. ARSOF Icon: Major General Sidney Shachnow
3. Putin, Xi vie for influence at Central Asian summit
4. China Reopened to Foreign Students. Americans Are Staying Away.
5. Israel Kills a Top Commander of Hezbollah, Which Replies With a Rocket Barrage
6. Is Xenophobia on Chinese Social Media Teaching Real-World Hate?
7. The Dark Fleet: A Brief Glimpse into the Shadowy World of Illicit Shipping
8. China has the power to end the Ukraine war
9. America's Citizen Government Oversight Tool: The Freedom of Information Act Nears Sixty
10. Answering Authoritarian State Asymmetric Challenges: Tools for Deterring Hybrid Threats and Non-Military Coercion from China and Russia
11. Inside the Gates: Cultivating Cognitive Security to Defend the Homeland
12. Securing the Homefront: Special Operations Command North’s Approach to Secure the Homeland against the People’s Republic of China
13. The American Experiment Is Still Worth Fighting For
14. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, July 3, 2024
15. Israel–Hamas War (Iran) Update, July 3, 2024
16. Did the Press Conspire to ‘Cover Up’ Biden’s Decline?
17. America’s shrinking military is a cultural crisis

Korean News Content:

1. N.K. leader inspects munitions factory after key party meeting
2. Pentagon decries N. Korea's recent missile launches as 'irresponsible'
3. Yoon vows to deter N. Korea's threats through strength
4. Outgoing Chinese envoy says he will keep working to advance bilateral relations with S. Korea
5. Navy completes acquisition of 6 P-8A maritime patrol aircraft
6. North Korea recalls overseas students for ‘political indoctrination’
7. North Korea and Russia to build road bridge over Tumen River
8. I stayed at a North Korean summer camp. We polished statues and played a game where we destroyed the White House.
9. CHIPS Act advisor: "US-South Korea alliance key to technological dominance"
10. Assembly debates ways to shield state agencies from North Korean cyberattacks
11.  Even wartime Israel shows concern over S. Korea’s low birth rate
12. N. Korea intensifies security around important statues
13. Is Kim Jong-un leveraging rise of women for daughter's succession?