Small Wars Journal

7/30/2021 Korean and National Security News and Commentary

Fri, 07/30/2021 - 10:45am

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Korean News Contents:

1. N.K. leader accuses 'hostile forces' of intensifying 'war drills for aggression'
2. Deep politics behind Korean DMZ hotline reconnect
3. Korea’s conservatives get a presidential warrior
4. North Hwanghae Province mobilizes locals for "irrigation struggle" to prevent drought damage to crops
5. North Korea's state-run food shops have little or no rice to sell to consumers
6. Wife of North Korean Consul in Russia Dies from COVID-19
7. North Korea Watchers Parse Motives Behind Restored Hotline with Seoul
8. A Grand Bargain with North Korea
9. Japan Wasted a Golden Chance for Olympic Reconciliation
10. North Korea began the summer in a food crisis. A heat wave and drought could make it worse.
11. Senior North Korea military official reappears after absence, rebuke
12. Is Kim even SLIMMER? North Korean leader appears to have lost weight
13. Kim stresses military preparations ahead of U.S.-South Korea drills
14. BRIEF REPORT: North Korea, Climate Change and Security
15. Nuke envoy says humanitarian support for N. Korea can contribute to dialogue mood
16. North Korea reports a ‘great crisis’ in its virus response.
17. Seoul to push for video-linked family reunion as priority project with North: Cheong Wa Dae

National Security News Contents: 

1. Pentagon, reacting to Biden order, working on plan for mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations
2.  ‘We will do this again,’ Afghanistan IG warns of future drawn-out wars
3. The US and China say they want to avoid military conflict, but no one can agree on how
4. Everything America did wrong in Afghanistan, according to the top US government watchdog
5. Overmatch by other means: integrating Irregular Warfare into Joint Force Wargaming
6. What Are The Best Ways To Shield Taiwan From A Hungry China?
7. FDD | U.S. Leads International Efforts to Attribute China’s Microsoft Hack
8. Austin on a strategic mission in SE Asia
9. Charges preferred against seaman apprentice accused of starting USS Bonhomme Richard fire
10. Biden prepares the ground for Quad-3
11. Duterte restores Philippines as ‘sick man of Asia’
12. China Is Providing an Alternative Regional Framework for South Asia
13. The Forever Wars Aren’t Ending. They’re Just Being Rebranded.
14. Twitter Will Not Steward the Profession
15. Are We Asking the Right Questions?
16. Huawei launches new smartphones without 5G as U.S. sanctions, chip shortage bite
17. The West Embraces State Subsidies, a Policy Throwback, to Counter China
18. Sunisa Lee Is Representing America in the Tokyo Olympics—and a Community America Left Behind
19. First Afghan Interpreters Arrive in Virginia
20. Analysis | The Technology 202: Chinese disinformation "much more subtle, much more insidious" than Moscow's, former cyber chief warns