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7/26/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Tue, 07/26/2022 - 9:14am

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National Security News Content:


2. Nuclear Experts Question Possible Effects Of Chinese Cell Towers On U.S. Missile Silos

3. Condemning the Chinese Communist Party Is Not Enough

4. Want more capable military partners? Empower and promote Foreign Area Officers.

5. Pelosi’s Reported Taiwan Plans Spark High-Stakes Diplomatic Battle

6. Did war help societies become bigger and more complex?

7. Getting Ready for a Long War with China: Dynamics of Protracted Conflict in the Western Pacific

8. The Dark Scenario: Ukraine's Military Can’t Beat Russia and Collapses

9. NATO Is a Luxury Good the United States Doesn’t Need

10. Russia Strikes School, Civilian Buildings as It Presses Ukraine Bombardment

11. The Iran Nuclear Deal’s Convulsive Death

12. Biden blunders on refugees

13. Russia says it wants to end Ukraine's `unacceptable regime'

14. A Russian Defeat in Ukraine Could Save Taiwan

15. U.S. Officials Grow More Concerned About Potential Action by China on Taiwan

16. Exclusive: US and Taliban make progress on Afghan reserves, but big gaps remain

17. Federal Reserve and Senate Republicans spar over allegations of Chinese influence

18. Taiwan holds drills amid Pelosi visit concern, China tension

19. Tulsi Gabbard, Rand Paul placed on list of Russian propagandists by Ukraine

20. Ukraine destroys 50 Russian ammunition depots with U.S.-supplied HIMARS

Korean News Content:

​1. Seoul, Washington to restart extended deterrence dialogue in near future: Amb. Cho

2. Families of fallen troops to visit new Korean War monument in D.C.

3. N. Korea may conduct nuke test to mark 'Victory Day': minister

4. Korean firms leaving China amid growing uncertainties

5. S. Korea joins US and others in condemning execution of opposition leaders in Myanmar

6. N. Korea's new suspected COVID-19 cases fall below 50: state media

7. US Army helicopters hold first live-fire drills in South Korea since 2019

8. S. Korea to commemorate Korean War U.N. Veterans Day this week

9. SK to invest $22 billion in manufacturing in the United States

10. Defense, unification ministries contradict lawmaker's claims about fishermen's repatriation

11. North Korean military conducts study sessions focused on "Kim Jong Il's patriotism"

12. Will Biden attend Korean War monument event?