Small Wars Journal

7/22/2021 Korean and National Security News and Commentary

Thu, 07/22/2021 - 8:10am

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Korean News Contents:

1. Deputy Secretary of State Sherman to meet FM Chung, other officials in Seoul
2.  Fitch keeps S. Korea's credit rating at 'AA-,' outlook stable
3. NYC’s Push for “Otto Warmbier Way”: Calls for International Solidarity against the Kim Regime’s Brutal Tyranny
4. North Korea food shortage turns into new Asia humanitarian crisis
5. Kim Jong Un Criticizes Youth for Not Being North Korean Enough
6. Death of Two North Korean Prisoners Highlights Starvation Diets
7. Sherman, FM Chung reaffirm efforts to bring N. Korea to dialogue table
8. S. Korea seeks unification not 'by absorption' but through peaceful means: official
9. N.K. foreign ministry again accuses U.S. of involvement in anti-gov't protests in Cuba
10. Blame game goes into high gear over infections on ship
11. Beijing defends its envoy's opinions about Yoon
12. A social agreement on unification
13. Moon Considers Pardons for Ex-President Park, Samsung Chief
14. Korean War Veterans Advocate Named to U.S. Health Post
15. North Korea Truly Is the Hermit Kingdom (Thanks to Coronavirus)
16. A shattered mirror
17. Four North Korean cadres sacked in N. Hamgyong Province for failures in managing COVID-19 quarantine efforts
18. North Korea massacre as Kim Jong-un plots mass execution of defectors: 'Sent back to die'
19. North Korean military encourages use of the "Pyongyang cultural language"

National Security News Content:

1. In rare move, Army names 2 soldiers killed in 2017 Niger ambush honorary Green Berets
2. Secretary of Defense Austin and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Milley Press Briefing
3. The military isn’t ‘distracted’ by the critical race theory conversation, SECDEF says
4. What a top intelligence analyst on China thinks you should know
5. A Taliban Victory Is Not Inevitable
6. Clarifying US commitments to Taiwan
7. China’s Looming Succession Crisis - What Will Happen When Xi Is Gone?
8. Killer Facebook
9. Coups, race, white rage: Pentagon dragged deeper into politics, culture wars
10. Cuba’s Uprising and the Social Change that Caught the Dictatorship by Surprise
11. Philippines Considering Addendum to U.S. Visiting Forces Agreement
12. Exclusive: Fallen soldier to be first Black Medal of Honor recipient since Vietnam
13. Promote Open Source to a Full Member of the Intelligence Community
14. ‘Not One Time’: Milley Says Joint Chiefs Did Not Violate Oath in Handling Trump
15. July 22: A Pivotal Day in Terrorism History
16. tl;dr edition of “W(h)ither R: a marquee failure of leadership in foreign policy”
17. IntelBrief: Operating in the Gray Zone: China’s Cyber Operations Call for a Unified Response
18. Havana Syndrome Task Force to Be Led by Veteran of Hunt for Bin Laden
19. Analysis | Approval of the Jan. 6 Capitol riot is more deeply embedded than you might think
20. China has new man for Afghanistan and plan to avoid civil war across border
21. Senators propose enhancing Taiwan defense in face of China threat
22. FLASHBACK: The Media’s Most Outrageous Olympic Outbursts
23. Kennan’s 'Measures Short of War' Applied to U.S.-China Cold War
24. Army War College commandant reinstated, cleared of ‘inappropriate touching’
25. Infertility, erectile dysfunction, and altered DNA — Army experts debunk COVID vaccine myths one by one
26. Biden’s Dangerous Doctrine
27. Russian and Iranian Proxy Forces Are Baffling the U.S.
28. Americans Hate Each Other