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7/21/2021 Korean and National Security News and Commentary

Wed, 07/21/2021 - 10:07am

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Korean News Contents:

1. Israel-Palestine Conflict: Military Lessons for South Korea?
2. New daily cases set another record amid rise of delta variant (South Korea)
3. 16 more USFK-affiliated individuals test positive for COVID-19
4. Dozens of USFK service members donate blood amid low supplies over COVID-19
5. Korea, Japan, U.S. diplomats meet in Tokyo
6. Deputy US Secretary of State Sherman renews calls for North Korea to resume dialogue
7. Why South Korea cannot achieve denuclearization of Korean Peninsula
8. South Korea, US, Japan agree to up cooperation over NK, pandemic
9. Some North Koreans are too poor to buy rice sold by the government at below-market prices
10. North Korean soldier deserts his Haeju-based military unit while armed
11. North Korea's quarantine policies are generating discrimination against those with COVID-19 symptoms
12. Did America Start the Korean War? China Thinks So.
13. Report: U.S. mum on Mexico's public overtures to North Korea
14. North Korea highlights 'deepening friendship' with Russia on anniversary
15. America Shouldn’t Bet on a North Korean Blockade to Bring Down Kim
16. <Inside N. Korea> Authorities distribute emergency food to residents, about 5 to 7 kilograms of corn. How did the residents react?
17. North Koreans Alarmed by Starvation Deaths of Well-Off Ethnic Chinese
18. ETH developer Virgil Griffith back in jail after allegedly checking Coinbase account
19. South Korea’s soft power struggles
20. Pegasus-style surveillance is everyday life in North Korea

National Security News Contents:

1. Pentagon inspector general exploring how to better secure the ‘nuclear football’
2. National Security Is Stronger When Congress Is Involved. Here’s How We Get Back to the Table.
3. Enter and Clear a Room: The History of Battle Drill 6, and Why the Army Needs More Tactical Training like It—not Less
4. FDD | How to Stop China From Controlling the Global Semiconductor Industry
5. Pence v. Biden on China: Competing but consistent visions
6. U.S. Life Expectancy Fell by 1.5 Years in 2020, the Biggest Decline in Generations
7. US official to visit China as diplomatic stand-off resolved
8. Trailblazing Admiral, Hall of Fame Female Diver Retires After Conquering ‘Fear of the Sea’ 
9. Deception Is the Biggest Threat to American Security
10. US blocking more Chinese students from its universities
11. China's borders will likely remain shut for months, but some may be wary of visiting even after they reopen
12. New Legislation Could Limit the President’s Control of Foreign Policy
13. How Diplomatic Snubs Highlight Frayed China-U.S. Ties
14. What Is the Fatemiyoun Brigade and Why Does It Make the Taliban Nervous?
15. Sun Tzu and Us
16. Renaming Military Bases Is “History Correcting Itself”
17. The Automation Gap in Biden’s Cybersecurity Order
18. Chinese Researcher Tang Juan’s Trial Reveals Beijing’s Espionage Strategy – OpEd
19. U.S. Indo-Pacific Command executive assistant, 31, pleads guilty to removing classified documents