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7/13/2021 Korean and National Security News and Commentary

Tue, 07/13/2021 - 7:10am

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Korea News Table of Contents.

1. N.K. propaganda website warns S. Korea against staging joint military drill with U.S.
2.  North Korean Nuclear Weapons Pose an Existential Threat to China
3.  N. Korea continues to exploit own people, divert resources to weapons programs: State Dept.
4. Bruce Klingner: North Korea's Kim Jung Un – regime stability being questioned. Here's why
5.  Can China Bring North Korea Back to the Negotiating Table? It Depends
6. Will China Prod North Korea Back to the Nuclear Negotiating Table?
7. Calls to scrap unification ministry rattle officials committed to reconciliation with N.K.
8. Opinion - Korean Americans Raise Their Voices for Peace in Korea - Echo
9. The Washington Post announces breaking-news reporters for Seoul hub
10. N. Korea reports no coronavirus cases: WHO report
11. New daily cases above 1,000 for week, delta variant spreading fast (South Korea)
12. South Korea’s Harvard-Taught Political Boss Rips China ‘Cruelty’
13. JCS chairman meets new USFK commander, discusses readiness, alliance
14.  For 17th year running, Tokyo claims Dokdo in white paper
15. Kim Jong-un Honors Light-Entertainment Queen
16. Will North Korea make military provocation against combined drill?
17. UN says 42 percent of North Koreans undernourished
18. Park Jin from opposition party to run for president
19. North Korea may be using 5G mobile communications technology to monitor border 
20. North Korea begins selecting new residents for Pyongyang's 10,000 new homes

National Security News Table of Contents.

1. Top U.S. General Steps Down in Afghanistan
2.  China’s Afghanistan Gambit
3. US Army Special Ops veterans take matters into their own hands to get trusted ally out of Afghanistan
4. Danger from China ‘Clear and Present Already,’ INDOPACOM’s Top Intel Officer Warns
5. What the assassination of Haiti’s president means for US foreign policy
6. U.S. Dismisses Chinese Claim It Drove Away Warship in South China Sea
7. Chronicle of a Defeat Foretold Why America Failed in Afghanistan
8. Becoming Strong - The New Chinese Foreign Policy
9. The US Desperately Needs a Civilian Cybersecurity Corps
10. U.S. Cyber Chief in Limbo During REVil Attacks Set to Start Work
11. They Are Not ‘Broken Shower Shoes’
12. Murder Mystery: What Were Colombian Military Vets Doing in Haiti?
13. Guam hosts Army's Forager 21 exercise
14. World Health Org To Distribute Chinese Vaccines Over U.S. Objections
15. Opinion | Wall Street is finally waking up to the reality of China
16. 9/11 Museum’s 20th-Anniversary Exhibitions Become Victims of Cuts
17. Russia Warns Against 'Outside Interference' After Cuba Protests
18. Afghan special forces moved in on Taliban, only to find they had melted away
19. From Russia with hate: How pro-Kremlin bots are fuelling chaos and lies about the pandemic
20. Montgomery Meigs, former commander of US Army Europe, dies at 76
21. Farewell Montgomery C Meigs, III
22. Wild Bill Donovan, the Grandfather of American Intelligence
23. Seeing America from the ground
24. Impersonations of Military Members on Social Media On the Rise, New Report Says
25. History of integration in the US Armed Services