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7/1/24 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Mon, 07/01/2024 - 8:08am

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National Security News Content:

1. The Ukraine War in 2024: A Pivotal Year for the Transatlantic Alliance and World Order by John Nagl and Alexander Peris
2. A Call to Action: Lessons from Ukraine for the Future Force by John Nagl and Katie Crombe
3. How Bad Will Political Violence in the U.S. Get?
4. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, June 30, 2024
5. Israel–Hamas War (Iran) Update, June 30, 2024
6. Is China at War in the South China Sea?
7. NeXt Secretary of Defense
8. IN THE KILL ZONE: The Life and Times of Willie Merkerson (Part 2)
9. Analysis | What Taiwan is learning from the war in Ukraine
10. Cambodia Denies Hosting Chinese Naval Base, but Two Ships Raise Suspicions
11. For Ukraine and Russia, a Deadly Summer Lies Ahead With Little Hope of Big Gains
12. Analysis: How ready is China’s military? Dramatic downfall of two defense ministers raises questions
13. Commentary: The world came dangerously close to full-scale conflict in the South China Sea
14. Army Futures Command's Gen. Rainey reflects on AI's potential in modern warfare
15. This is how the US-built pier to bring aid to Gaza has worked — or not
16. Forgotten Wars: The Civil War in Myanmar
17. Could AI help US intelligence end decades-long aversion to unclassified data?
18.  NATO Should Think Big About the Indo-Pacific
19. Trump the Realist: The Former President Understands the Limits of American Power
20. 'In the spirit of humanitarianism': China, the Philippines jointly rescue stranded Filipino fishermen in South China Sea
21. Immigration Is Behind the Strong U.S. Economy
22. War Books, Special Edition – Seventeen Great War Films: One Army Officer’s List
23. Making Sense of the Populist Present—1

Korean News Content:

1. North Korea test-launches 2 ballistic missiles, after end of new US-South Korea-Japan drill
2. The Uncertain Russia-North Korea Relationship
3. Mondo TV reaches $538K settlement with OFAC over N. Korea sanctions violations
4. China is turning to private firms for offensive cyber operations
5. North Korea Fires Missiles to Show Force After Putin Visit
6. Putin’s Pyongyang Arms Supplier Calls US, Japan, and South Korea ‘Asian NATO'
7. <Investigation>Current living conditions of North Koreans (1) Poor infrastructure…conditions surrounding water, electricity, heating, and restrooms
8. Kim Jong-un's pin seen as move to solidify status as sole leader: unification ministry
9. N. Korea continues party plenary meeting for 3rd day
10. North Korean missile may have exploded over Pyongyang: South Korea's JCS
11. North Korea intensifies military provocations with Russia's backing
12. N. Korea speeds up landmine and fortification work on inter-Korean border
13. Trump the Realist: The Former President Understands the Limits of American Power
14. How Korea’s Angry Young Men Swept a President into Office — and What That Means for the US