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6/28/24 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Fri, 06/28/2024 - 10:01am

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National Security News Content:

1. IN THE KILL ZONE: The Life and Times of Willie Merkerson (Part 1)
2. Deterring Confidently Ignorant Leaders Like Putin and Xi
3. Chinese Embassy lobbies Hill against DNI report on leaders’ corruption
4. Transitioning Away from the Carrier Strike Group and Toward Distributed Maritime Operations
5. The Navy’s ongoing carrier conundrum
6. House shoots down amendment to cut F-35 purchase
7. We Got Islamism Wrong By Robert Harward & Jacob Olidort
8. Can four big commands prepare the Air Force to win wars?
9. A Den of Spies: Vienna Emerges as Hub for Russian Espionage
10. Iran Election Pits Engagement With West Against More Confrontation
11. Was the Military Uprising a Coup or a Hoax? Bolivians Aren’t Sure
12.  The 51 Intel Know-Nothings
13. New commander leads school house for Army special operation forces at Fort Liberty
14. Integrating Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the Marine Corps
15. New Tactic in China’s Information War: Harassing a Critic’s Child in the U.S.
16. A Case Study on Integrating Tactical Drones: Israel
17. Allies and Open Sources: Lessons from Northern Raven, the Largest OSINT Collection Operation in NATO’s History
18. The Show Trial of Evan Gershkovich
19. Why Russia's Warships in Cuba Matter to the United States
20. China urges US to stop supporting the Philippines' 'provocations'
21. How Russian Elites Made Peace With the War
22. The Most Dangerous Game – Do Power Transitions Always Lead to War?
23. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, June 27, 2024
25. Israel–Hamas War (Iran) Update, June 27, 2024

Korean News Content:

1. A North Korean Missile Explodes in the Sky—and a Mystery Emerges
2. US to confront Russia at UN over North Korean weapons
3. UN Security Council: DPRK (North Korea): Open Briefing
4. N. Korea says planned party plenary meeting will become 'politically important' event
5. S. Korean military unveils video of N.K. missile exploding in midair
6. New Horizons in Korea-U.S.-Japan Trilateral Cooperation
7. (Yonhap Interview) NATO chief says S. Korea's potential arms support for Ukraine fundamentally different from N.K. arms supply to Russia
8. Yoon vows to overcome N.K. threats through cooperation with U.S., Japan
9. Cruel summer: North Koreans ordered to provide human waste for fertilizer
10. 66% of South Koreans back nuclear armament amid North Korean threats: poll
11. S. Korea, U.S. chip lobby groups discuss ties in technology, supply chain
12. S. Korea urges N. Korea to give prior notice over border dam water discharge
13. S. Korea slaps sanctions on N. Korea's Missile Administration, 4 Russian vessels for violating U.N. resolutions
14. Editorial: April birth rate rebound offers hope for South Korea's population decline
15. <Interview with a N. Korean Woman>What was happening in the spring of 2024? (2) Excluding S. Korea and erasing unification; Reign of terror
16. Weapons coproduction with S. Korea makes 'a lot of sense,' US Army weapons buyer says