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6/15/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Wed, 06/15/2022 - 9:28am

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National Security News Content:

2.  The New China Baseline: Washington Warms Up to Beijing’s Cold War By Matthew Pottinger
3. What the “Bad Guys” Teach Us About Contemporary Conflict—An Opinion Essay
4. Lack of Space National Guard Could Hurt Training, Recruiting
5. General Officer Announcement (Lt. Gen. Bryan P. Fenton)
6. ‘A huge lag time’: DoD struggles to rush cutting-edge tech to Ukraine
7. Ukrainians are putting paid messages on artillery rounds fired at Russian soldiers
8. Army advisors in Latin America told to behave as word of drinking, Tinder use and STDs grew
9. A Strategy for the Fence Sitters
10. Expedite arms deliveries to beleaguered democracies
11. Russia-Ukraine war: what we know on day 112 of the invasion
12. American Carrier Strike Groups in Philippine Sea Ahead of RIMPAC 2022
13.  Opinion | Biden’s Saudi Arabia Opportunity
14. Death of international law: Flouted by despots and weaponized against small nations
15. War in Ukraine Is Destabilizing the Middle East and North Africa
16. America’s ‘Midway Measures Trap’ May Doom Ukraine
17. China’s ‘non-war ops’ may target protests or Taiwan
18. The dollar is weak, not strong
19. In Denial About Denial: Why Ukraine’s Air Success Should Worry the West
20. 4 lessons China should take from Ukraine: Pentagon policy chief
21. Russia's Grand Strategy for Ukraine Takeover Unmet, Says DOD Official
22. Opinion | Five Blunt Truths About the War in Ukraine
23. Taiwan rejects Beijing's claim of sovereignty over U.S.-used waterway between island, China
24. Asymmetric Advantage or Achilles Heel: Logistics in the U.S. Military
25. How Russia Turned Its War Around
26. American veterans in Ukraine tell NATO how to end Russian "slugfest"

Korean News Content:

1. U.S., S. Korea agree to place top priority on N. Korea issue: FM Park
2. Unification minister vows consistent N.K. policy, marking key summit anniv.
3.  Korean Peninsula Tensions Escalate Amid a Return to Old School Policies
4. Deterrence and Assurance on the Korean Peninsula
5. Biden should return to ‘maximum pressure’ on North Korea
6. N. Korea slams U.S.-led security pacts, upcoming RIMPAC exercise as tools for hegemony
7. What’s in a Tripwire: The Post-Cold War Transformation of the US Military Presence in Korea
8. North Korean COVID-19/Fever Data Tracker
9. N. Korea's suspected COVID-19 cases drop below 30,000: state media
10.  South Korea seeks to establish North Korean human rights foundation
11. Rocket Nuri launch indefinitely postponed due to technical glitch
12.  Diplomatic thaw needed to Korea-Japan military agreement back on track: experts
13. US hasn’t finalized adjustments to military posture against N. Korean threats: Pentagon
14. Pulling US troops out of Korea was Trump's second-term priority, Esper's memoir reveals
15. US extends North Korea national emergency declaration
16. Denying the Refugee: a Comparative Analysis of China and the EU’s Use of the Term “Economic Migrant”
17. US, South Korea Prepare for Contingencies of North Korea's Imminent Nuclear Test