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5/27/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Fri, 05/27/2022 - 9:13am

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National Security News Content:

2. Russia’s grain blockade may require US intervention
3. U.S. Aims to Constrain China by Shaping Environment Around It, Blinken Says
4. Has Ukraine Broken the Russian Military?
5. Commercial and military drones in Ukraine: The evolutionary use and implications on security and safety
6. War Will Never Be This Bulky Again
7. Japan, US fly fighters after China drill, N. Korean missiles
8. MARSOC Has New Cdr - Major General Matthew Trollinger | SOF News
9. “China's Columbus” Was an Imperialist Too: Contesting the Myth of Zheng He
10. SWJ Book Review – Bullets Not Ballots: Success in Counterinsurgency Warfare
11. Japan to 'drastically strengthen' military capability
12. U.S. Treasury Targets Hamas Financial Network
13. Tajik terrorist serves as Taliban commander in northern Afghanistan
14. Biden’s Maiden Presidential Trip To Asia: Reassuring Important Indo-Pacific Allies – Analysis
15. Why Are Spare Parts on the Unfunded List? Senator Asks Navy's Top Officer
16. World Leaders Tout Self-Reliance Amid Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine
17. Finland, Sweden Would Contribute Militarily to NATO on ‘Day One,’ General Says
18. 400. Russia-Ukraine Conflict: Sign Post to the Future (Part 1)
19. The U.S. has accused China of carrying out a genocide in Xinjiang. Why has the U.N. been so quiet?
20. Inside the Afghan Resistance
21. Are the Marines Inventing the Edsel or the Mustang?
22. Willingness to take risks': Former Special Forces Delta commander inducted into regiment
23. Jerusalem livid about US leak that Israel killed senior Iranian operative
24. Open Source Intelligence May Be Changing Old-School War

Korean News Content:

1. China, Russia veto new UN sanctions on North Korea
2. Widespread disbelief over N. Korea's tiny COVID death rate
3. Japan, US fly fighters after China drill, N. Korean missiles
4. Top nuclear envoys of S. Korea, U.S., Japan to meet in Seoul next Friday
5. Defense minister orders 'stern' response to any direct N. Korean provocations
6. S. Korea voices 'deep regret' over failed bid for new U.N. sanctions on N. Korea
7. China supplied over 2,800 tons of refined oil to N. Korea in March, April: U.N. report
8. NGOs protest North Korean chairmanship of Conference on Disarmament
9. S. Korean Air Force to join Australia-led multilateral exercise in August
10. North Korea gives Chinese vaccines to soldiers working as construction labor
11. S. Korean volunteer fighter in Ukraine returns home with injuries
12. Joe Biden vows to deepen America’s ties with South Korea
13. BTS To Appear With Joe Biden At White House To Discuss Anti-Asian Hate Crimes
14. How did BTS become beacon of diversity and inclusion?
15. Two Presidents, One Agenda: A Blueprint for South Korea and the United States to Address the Challenges of the 2020s and Beyond
16. U.S., S. Korea working to find right strategy for dealing with N. Korea: U.S. official
17. U.S., China must work together on N. Korea, other global issues: Blinken
18. Deputy CFC chief Gen. Kim tapped to lead Joint Chiefs of Staff