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4/6/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Wed, 04/06/2022 - 9:47am

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National Security News Content:

2. Special Operations News Update | SOF News
3. Iran’s Master Class in Evading Sanctions
4. Pentagon kept hypersonic test quiet amid Russia tensions
5. Argument over ‘woke-ism’ in the military erupts in House hearing
6. Biden to nominate first uniformed woman to lead a military service
7. Ukraine’s Zelensky Calls for Removing Russia From U.N. Security Council After Alleged War Crimes
8. Right-wing Azov Battalion emerges as a controversial defender of Ukraine
9. What are war crimes, and how are they prosecuted?
10. Opinion: How the U.S. can support a war crimes investigation into Russia
11. Opinion: What’s happening in Ukraine is genocide. Period.
12. New phase in war opens up as Ukraine defeats Russia in battle of Kyiv
13. Are US Troops Still Training Ukrainians?
14. Hackers flood internet with what they say are Russian companies' files
15. Taiwan is not Ukraine, and China is not Russia — but Biden is still Biden
16. China's Phoenix TV faces closure in Taiwan
17. Would Young People Fight for America?
18. China's envoy to U.N. calls images of dead civilians from Bucha 'very disturbing'
19. What You Need to Know about U.S. Nuclear Weapons in Wartime
20. A coup against Putin: wishful thinking or a real possibility?
21. The Price of Hegemony: Can America Learn to Use Its Power?

Korean News Content:

1. In South Korea, Ukraine War Revives the Nuclear Question
2. South Korea's president-elect wants U.S. nuclear bombers, submarines to return
3. Special Representative for the DPRK Kim’s Meeting with the People’s Republic of China (PRC) Special Representative Liu
4.  Defending South Korea: Coordination, Co-location, Simplicity, and Morale in National Security
5. Yoon delegation discusses deployment of U.S. strategic assets to S. Korea with NSA Sullivan
6. U.N. panel probing N.K. acquisition of vessel previously registered in S. Korea
7. Cabinet approves initial funds for presidential office relocation
8. Japanese lawmakers hope to improve ties with South Korea when new leader takes office
9. New S. Korean gov't needs 'forward-looking' policy on N. Korea to prevent nuke testing: minister
10.  New S. Korean gov't needs 'forward-looking' policy on N. Korea to prevent nuke testing: minister
11. N. Korea poses 'real' threats to U.S. and allies: Gen. Milley
12. Transition team chief seeks China's cooperation for stability on Korean Peninsula
13. Kim Yo Jong’s second statement criticizing S. Korea may have been toned down due to internal criticism