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4/5/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Tue, 04/05/2022 - 9:19am

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National Security News Content:

2.  Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield’s Interview with Michel Martin of NPR (US seeks ouster of Russia from UN Human Rights Council)
3. 'Integrated deterrence': GOP charges Pentagon's new buzzy strategy is broken
4. Top Marine Defends Corps’ Lighter Direction
5. Public approval: Biden loses to Zelenskyy
6. Ukraine War Update - April 5, 2022 | SOF News
7. The Consequences of War Crimes
8. Release of Ukraine Intelligence Represents New Front in U.S. Information War With Russia
9. Head of MI6 says mass executions seen in Bucha, Ukraine, were part of Putin's invasion plan
10. John Bolton: Putin's 30 or 100 Year War For Ukraine
11. FDD | Priority #1 for NATO: Upgrading Air and Missile Defense in Eastern Europe
12. FDD | The Kremlin’s Latin American Echo Chamber
13. FDD | Corporate Transparency Would Reduce Systemic Cyber Risks
14. In pictures: Bodies and tanks mark path as Russia moves troops from Kyiv
15. Biden urges Putin war crimes trial after Bucha killings
16. Orde Kittrie on “How to Include Far More Lawfare Ammunition in Next UN General Assembly Resolution on Russian Invasion”
17. Leaderless, Cut Off, and Alone: The Risks to Taiwan in the Wake of Ukraine
18. Rebalancing the Army for Military Competition
19. Russia was caught red-handed lying about war crimes in Ukraine
20. Ukrainian Nuclear Disaster Expert Talks Worst Case Scenarios Due To Russian Invasion
21. Analysis | The unique, damaging role Fox News plays in American media
22. Putin’s Doomsday Threat
23. America Must Spend More on Defense
24. The Next Sino-Russian Split?
25. China’s New Focus on US Cyber Activities
26. US deployment of missiles to Philippines would be dangerous

Korean News Content:

1. President-elect Yoon's Advance Team
2. Deputy Secretary Sherman’s Meeting with Republic of Korea President-elect Yoon Suk Yeol's U.S.-ROK Policy Consultation Delegation
3. Special Representative for the DPRK Kim’s Meeting with Republic of Korea (ROK) Special Representative Noh
4. North Korea tries to cover up failed ICBM launch
5. U.S. to cultivate options in waters near Korea over Pyongyang's provocation: Pacific commander
6. U.S. agrees on need to upgrade alliance with S. Korea: Seoul delegate
7. S. Korean, U.S. nuclear envoys agree to push for new UNSC resolution on N. Korea
8. U.S. looks forward to working with new S. Korean gov't on N. Korea: State Dept.
9. Pyonghattan: Escapees from North Korea’s Capital
10. Prisoners in Military Uniform: Human Rights In The North Korean Military : Research Reports
11. Most South Koreans believe their country should have closer ties to US, poll says
12. Yoon administration's agenda items narrowed to 115: spokesperson
13. N. Korea has large arsenal of 'theater-class' missiles: U.S. commander
14. Yoon's delegation makes rounds in Washington
15. North Korea's harsh rhetoric seen as attempt to tame South Korea
16. Yoon's relocation plan to Yongsan to gain momentum
17. Yoon's spokeswoman defends Seoul's right to launch preemptive strike
18. USFK chief expresses condolences over deaths of 4 pilots in KT-1 crashes
19. Korea voices concerns over reported signs of civilian killings in Ukraine war
20. US agrees to upgrade strategic alliance with Korea: Yoon’s delegation
21. What to Make of Kim Yo Jong’s Verbal Attack of South Korea’s Defense Minister
22. John Batchelor Interview: #NorthKorea: Expect more provocations