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4/1/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Fri, 04/01/2022 - 6:53am

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National Security News Content:

3. Special Operations News Update - March 31, 2022 | SOF News
4. There Is No Liberal World Order
5. Francis Fukuyama: We could be facing the end of “the end of history”.
6. How Bill Clinton’s Foreign Policy Led to the War in Ukraine
7. Russia's Military Was Great Until It Wasn't
8. Opinion | Ukraine needs better air defense systems, not more excuses
9. French intelligence chief Vidaud fired over Russian war failings
10. U.S. says China's pressure on Taiwan a threat to all democracies
11. The case for Taiwan’s statehood
12. Putin’s Soldiers Caught on Tape Lamenting Losses and Blasting His Army of ‘Stupid Morons’
13.  Clash between Japan and Russia looms as Tokyo steps up Kuril Island claims: 'Russian Army is illegal occupier'
14. In Iniochos Exercise, Israel Rehearses Iran Strikes as Saudis Observe
15.The Challenge of Containing a Nuclear Iran
16. Biden Administration Failing to Reform U.N.’s Palestinian Refugee Agency
17. Biden struggles to tell his Russia story
18. Let Ukraine Go on Offense Against Russia
19. Opinion | Biden sends Putin a muddled nuclear message
20. Gen. Kellogg: Russia 'on the edge' of losing the war in Ukraine
21. Russia’s War Lacks a Battlefield Commander, U.S. Officials Say
22. The war makes China uncomfortable. European leaders don’t care
23. Western spy agencies weaponize intelligence in attempt to undermine Putin
24. The double standard with Hunter Biden's laptop is worse than you think
25. Opinion | Koch Industries’ valentine to Vladimir Putin

Korean News Content:

1. April is likely to be a busy month for North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un
2. South Koreans Could Learn A Lot From the War in Ukraine
3. Exclusive: GOPs Ask Why Biden Not Sanctioning North Korea and China
4. The Emerging North Korean-Russian Cybercrime Partnership
5. N.K. leader urges 'ideological offensive' by propaganda officials
6. N. Korea resumes construction activity at nuclear test site: report
7. North Korea shows signs of SLBM launch
8. Yoon delegation to depart for US Sunday
9. [Lee Kyong-hee] Myopia, machismo and Dragon Hill
10. Struggling North Koreans say they are in no mood to celebrate missile launch
11. <Inside N. Korea> Young People are Fleeing from Jong-un's Luxury Tourism Special Zone.
12. Yoon considering visit to Camp Humphreys next week
13. North Korea is using American Dell computers and Microsoft Windows OS…possible sanctions violations - OKN
14. COVAX cuts all COVID-19 vaccines allocated for N. Korea: global charity
15. 4 killed in collision, crash of 2 Air Force trainer jets
16. North Korean ICBM Launch May Have Been Fake. It’s Still Important.
17. North Korea restricts public access to Pyongyang following failed ICBM test launch