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2/16/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Thu, 02/16/2023 - 9:52am

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National Security News Content:

2. Opinion | Is China ‘Probing With Bayonets’?
3. Pentagon technology chief seeks low-cost deterrence concepts
4. Political fights over military make US look weak to China and Russia, experts tell senators
5. For better defense spending, split the Pentagon’s budget into two
6. Update Now: iOS Devices Receive Vital Security Updates from Apple
7. ‘We Didn’t Have the Ships’ to Send ‘Best Option’ to Help Earthquake Victims, Commandant Says
8. Delta Force Legend Gary Harrell Dies in Tennessee
9. The World After Taiwan's Fall
10. The Most Powerful Weapon to use Against Democracies
11. US working with ‘Five Eyes’ nations, Japan on information warfare
12. Three Years’ Delay To Rein In TikTok
13. Further Evidence Emerges of Iran’s Support for Russia’s War in Ukraine
14. China is already at war with America and the Biden administration is ignoring the signposts
15. Cameras Now Rolling on Movie About Churchill's Secret WWII Spec Ops Unit
16. U.S. tracked China spy balloon from launch on Hainan Island along unusual path
17. Smartphones Are Changing the War in Ukraine
18. China has U-turned on almost all major policies it put in place in the last 3 years — and it's not surprising, given the state of its economy
19. How Democracy Can Win
20. China’s Hidden COVID Catastrophe
21. The Kremlin’s Grand Delusions


Korean News Content:

1. N. Korea labeled 'enemy' again in S. Korea's defense white paper
2. South Korea defence paper calls North 'enemy', estimates plutonium stockpile at 70 kg
3. Shuttered US Army base in South Korea to become a 24-acre park
4. North Korea's missile launch over Japan shows increased payload, distance: exclusive analysis
5. North Korea: towards a solid-fuel ICBM?
6. ‘The Hard Road Out’ Review: A Prison Break Across Borders
7. U.S. takes N. Korea as serious as all other challenges: State Dept.
8. South Korea Should be Taking Notes on Ukraine
9. Report says Yoon could make state visit to U.S. in spring
10. [INTERVIEW] Seoul's integration into Quad will benefit all parties: Center for a New American Security
11. The Impossible State Live Podcast: National Strategy for Countering North Korea
12. South Korean gov't ordered to compensate man kidnapped from North Korea 67 years ago
13.  NK leader attends groundbreaking ceremony for housing project in Pyongyang
14. What perceptions do many N. Koreans have about Kim Jong Un’s daughter, Kim Ju Ae?
15. Opinion: What Stalin's daughter taught me (and link to north Korea)



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