Small Wars Journal

1/7/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Sat, 01/07/2023 - 2:19pm

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National Security News Content:

1. To Address the Irregular Warfare Elephant in the Room, Sacred Cattle Must First be Slain
3. These Engineers Want to Build Conscious Robots. Others Say It’s a Bad Idea.
4. Marders, Leopards, Abrams, Bradleys: What's All This New Western Weaponry Being Sent, Or Not Sent, To Ukraine?
5. How Elon Musk’s satellites have saved Ukraine and changed warfare
6.  Lessons for the Next War From Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine: 12 Experts Weigh In
7. The Missing Minerals
8. PC giant Dell will reportedly stop using Chinese chips as soon as next year, and it shows how Washington-Beijing tensions are forcing companies to diversify their supply chains
9. American Democracy Is Still in Danger
10. WhatsApp adds feature to bypass internet censors in repressive regimes
11. U.S. sending Patriot missiles to Ukraine signals prolonged war
12. Q&A: China's Vast Influence Campaign in Canada
13. A looming threat, and a hollow force
14. Taiwan Must Heed the Wake-Up Call From Ukraine
15. What We Know About U.S.-Backed Zero Units in Afghanistan
16. Viasat to Continue Network, Communication Support for SOCOM
17. Ukrainian citizen uprising is the war Russia didn’t see coming
18.  US cybersecurity director: The tech ecosystem has ‘become really unsafe’
19. The Greatest Threat America Faces Is China
20. Cold War II

Korean News Content:

1. [Washington Talk] The reality of North Korea's river strategy... US-Korea discussion on 'nuclear asset management'
2. Trilateral cooperation with S. Korea, Japan most important to U.S.: State Dept.
3. North Korea likely to take advantage of new 'Cold War' paradigm: experts
4. South Korea would play role in a Taiwan contingency
5. Korea to take drastic measures to tackle population decline
6. S. Korea could resume loudspeaker broadcasting to N. Korea
7. Is Kim Ju-ae North Korea's heir apparent?
8. [Editorial] Raise nuclear deterrence (ROK/US)
9.  Surfing Through Korea’s War Games
10. Learning English saved my life
11. Intercultural communication key to sustainability of Hallyu
12. South Korea Embraces 'Tit for Tat' Approach to North's Provocations
13. North Korean Students EXPELLED From University & Forced To Work In Coal Mines After Sounding Like They 'Watched Too Much Foreign TV'
14. What Can Deter North Korea?



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