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11/8/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Tue, 11/08/2022 - 9:15am

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National Security News Content:


2. Ukraine: CDS Daily brief (07.11.22) CDS comments on key events

3. More Than a Dozen States Have Activated the National Guard to Secure Midterm Elections

4. Advance work in Ukraine blunted Russian cyber advantage, US says

5. Pentagon Unveils New U.S. Command and More Ukraine Aid

6. Biden Calls for a Free Iran

7. Now Is Not the Time to Negotiate with Putin

8. Norway bulks up artillery with new K9 howitzer agreement, tank contract set for year end (From South Korea)

9. The Obvious Climate Strategy Nobody Will Talk About

10. Russia's Prigozhin admits interfering in U.S. elections

11. Russia has nearly 120 Iskander missiles left in stock - intelligence

12.Taiwan Prepares to Be Invaded

13. Don’t Panic About Putin

14. Putin’s Stalin Phase

15. Wargaming Climate Change: Who Plays for the Red Team?

16. The Problematic Symptom of Donald J. Trump

17. Ukraine doubles down on tough stance on talks with Russia

18. 3 Takeaways From International Fleet Review 2022 in Japan

19. Big Mismatch Between the Biden Administration’s New Defense Plan and an Underfunded U.S. Navy 

20. Ukraine Situation Report: Kyiv Lauds Arrival Of NASAMS, Aspide Air Defense Systems

21. Ukraine’s Zelensky Sets Conditions for ‘Genuine’ Peace Talks With Russia

Korean News Content:

1. North Korea Denies Sending Weapons to Russia

2. North Korea Makes Uniforms For Russian soldiers In Ukraine, Violating UN Sanctions

3. Unification Must Be Korea’s Future

4. South Korea Has Quietly Become One Of The World’s Biggest Weapons Suppliers

5. Norway bulks up artillery with new K9 howitzer agreement, tank contract set for year end (From South Korea)

6. North Korea has fired a flurry of missiles. Experts warn a nuclear test could be next

7. U.S. urges Russia, China to hold N. Korea accountable for recent provocations

8. How will US election affect Korea’s economy, security?

9. N.Korea Claims It Shot 2 Cruise Missiles into Waters off Ulsan

10. Yoon moves into new official residence

11. S. Korea mulling ways to block N.K. nuke, missile financing via cyber activities: official

12. North brags of cruise missile flights South says didn't happen

13. South Korea's military kicks off 4-day Taegeuk drills

14. In Washington we trust?

15. S. Korea to posthumously confer state medal on late US general for post war contributions

16. Ex-defense minister released after arrest in fisheries official death case

17. North Korea says recent missile tests were practice to ‘mercilessly’ strike US air bases

18. Bombers Over Korean Peninsula 'Just Part of an Exercise': Air Force Chief to VOA



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