Small Wars Journal

1/17/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Tue, 01/17/2023 - 8:41am

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National Security News Content:


2. Understanding Russia

3. Blinken to test limits of China’s diplomatic engagement on Feb. 5-6 Beijing trip

4. No stalemate in Ukraine, at least not yet

5. A Glimpse at What a China-Centric World Would Look Like

6. Why America will never give up on war

7. Expanded US training for Ukraine forces begins in Germany

8. China records 1st population fall in decades as births drop

9. Air Force’s new rescue helicopter notches first saves in Africa

10. #Reviewing The American Way of Irregular Warfare

11. This WWII OSS manual shows that being annoying at work is the best form of sabotage

12. Ukrainian civilians vanish and languish in Russian-run jails

13. Military considering back pay for troops kicked out over vax mandate

14. B-1B Bomber Flies to Pacific and Back, Integrates with Japan’s F-15s

15. China Undergoing ‘Build-Up in Every Warfare Area,’ Says ONI Commander

16. FBI raided Chinese ‘police station’ in NYC: Report

17. Taiwan’s Outlying Islands Are at Risk

18. What TikTok Has on You

19. Why Can't America Accept An Imperfect World?

20. Analysis | The worry in Davos: Globalization is under siege

21. Joe Biden's Ukraine Strategy Is A Success

22. Industrial espionage: How China sneaks out America's technology secrets

23. Russia’s Energy Clout Is Waning, Weakening Its Global Influence

24. Taliban start buying blue ticks on Twitter

25. New details link George Santos to cousin of sanctioned Russian oligarch

Korean News Content:

1. US invests millions to expose regime to North Koreans

2. Kim Jong-un’s daughter may determine North Korea’s fate

3. <Inside N. Korea> The country’s medical system continues its freefall into collapse, with hospitals sending patients back home due to lack of heating

4. Why South Korea’s President is Talking About Nuclear Weapons

5. North Korean museum targets drug use, K-pop in campaign against social ills

6. Seoul foreign ministry seeks to defuse controversy over Yoon's Iran remark

7. S. Korea's new COVID-19 cases fall to 13-week low; gov't discusses lifting indoor mask mandate

8. Korean companies’ business expansion in the US

9. After 'enemy' remark, Iran calls Yoon Suk Yeol 'meddlesome'

10. Pentagon chief likely to visit South Korea soon, consultations under way

11. Pyongyang's rubber stamp parliament convenes

12. In North Korea, an influencer might also be a propagandist

13. [INTERVIEW] India wants deeper ties with Korea on defense, security

14. [Column] What are our core national interests? (South Korea)

15. Korea-Japan ties on improvement trend after 'deep ordeal': Yoon

16. How South Korea plans to buoy its counter-drone capabilities

17. Will South Korea Build Nuclear Weapons?




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