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11/3/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Thu, 11/03/2022 - 7:53am

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National Security News Content:

2. Ukraine: CDS Daily brief (02.11.22) CDS comments on key events
3. Russians try to subdue Ukrainian towns by seizing mayors
4. US Likely To Base Long-Range Bombers In Northern Australia
5. Save the AUKUS partnership — share the B-21 bomber
6. China's rare earth metals monopoly could be coming to an end
7. Hardened Ukrainian brigade sees Russian vulnerability in Kherson City
8. Military Leaders Praise Musk as Treasury Officials Eye Twitter Deal
9. How to Keep War With China From Being a Pick-Up Game
10. ‘Someone has to do it’: American vets in Ukraine train front-line medics as war rages with Russia
11. Why American Power Endures
12. US-China report recommends backchannel diplomacy with Chinese military
13. A Secretive US Special-Operations Base in Syria Is Taking Fire from a Shadowy Middle East War
14. The US has funneled more than $1 billion into Afghanistan since the fall of Kabul with zero accountability
15. These Air Force commandos saved troops under fire for years. Now they are fighting to save their buddies
16. The New Japan-Australia Security Agreement – Analysis
17.  Why Putin prefers ‘War-War’ to ‘Jaw-Jaw’
18. Defending Taiwan vs. Defending Ukraine: What's the Difference?
19. Congress must act to boost combat-credible airpower in Indo-Pacific
20. China has no time frame for Taiwan reunification, even if US says so: envoy
21. New photos show China’s artificial islands are highly developed military bases

Korean News Content:

1. Long Overdue Paradigm Shift: A Human Rights up Front Approach toward North Korea
2. With Freedom, the People of North Korea Can Make the Miracle on the Taedong River
3. #NorthKorea: Missile provocations and arms for Russia: David Maxwell, FDD. @GordonGChang, Gatestone, Newsweek, The Hill
4. North Korea fires 3 more missiles a day after launching barrage of 23
5. N. Korea fires suspected ICBM toward East Sea: S. Korean military
6. Blinken reaffirms U.S. commitment to defense of S. Korea in talk with S. Korean counterpart
7. North Korea ICBM may have failed in flight, officials say; allies extend major drills
8.  N. Korea's Hwasong-17 ICBM launch seems to have ended in failure: source
9. North Korea covertly supplying Russia with artillery, U.S. says
10. Analysis |  What Nukes Does North Korea Have and Could They Hit the US?
11. S. Korea considering additional unilateral N.K. sanctions over ICBM launch: ministry
12. U.S. condemns N. Korea's ICBM launch, urges int'l community to fully implement U.N. sanctions
13. Is North Korea aligning itself with Putin against Ukraine?
14. North Korea, Russia End 2-Year Hiatus in Railway Trade
15. North Korea acted ‘provocatively’ to try and ‘disrupt’ South Korea-US military exercises
16.  North Korea’s ballistic missile barrage signals a potentially dangerous escalation


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