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1/12/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Thu, 01/12/2023 - 9:51am

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National Security News Content:

1. Ukraine:  WAR BULLETIN  January 10, 6.00 pm EST and Ukraine's Ten Steps for Peace
3. Congress announces commission to review National Defense Strategy
4. Three steps toward a ‘whole of nation’ approach for national security
5. Gallagher: Time to Push Back on CCP Aggression in Bipartisan Fashion
6. New US Congress agrees on one thing: China threat
7. 65 Dems vote against new China committee - who were they?
8. Joint Statement of the 2023 U.S.–Japan Security Consultative Committee ("2+2")
9. Opinion | Japan’s prime minister warns of a historic — and dangerous —moment in Asia
10. Japan’s Shift to War Footing
11. Russia names Valery Gerasimov new commander of Ukraine invasion
12. Discussing "leadership" around "information warfare" with Asha Rangappa, plus other stuff
13. What Does It Mean to Provide ‘Security Guarantees’ to Ukraine?
14. Russia Replaces Commander for Ukraine War, as Signs of Dissension Grow
15. With F.B.I. Search, U.S. Escalates Global Fight Over Chinese Police Outposts
16. China's authorities are quietly rounding up people who protested against COVID rules
17. As China Reopens, Online Finger-Pointing Shows a Widening Gulf
18. Iran Hangs Two Protesters While 109 Face Prospect of Execution
19. Launch of #WithoutJustCause Political Prisoners Initiative - United States Department of State
20. Gamers Beware: The CCP Is Coming for You
21.  New nation, new ideas: A study finds immigrants out-innovate native-born Americans
22. Analysis | The war in Ukraine tests how cyberattacks fit into rules for war crimes
23. Analysis | There are TikTok bans in nearly two dozen states

Korean News Content:

1. In a First, South Korea Declares Nuclear Weapons a Policy Option
2. Yoon's comment on nuclear armament indication of will to defend nation: officia
3. S. Korea to promote 3-way ties with Japan, China via trilateral secretariat: deputy FM
4. U.S., Japan, S. Korea enhancing trilateral cooperation against N. Korean provocations: Blinken
5. ROK-U.S. to hold joint exercises in May
6. Nuclear energy will be Korea’s largest energy source by 2036
7. South Korea upholds firewall against North
8. North Korea Ordered Jeju Spy Ring in South Korea to “Fight Using KCTU Labor Union and NGOs”
9. Rehearsal for Pyongyang military parade spotted
10. Ministry's forced labor hearing degenerates into shouting match
11. New book highlights Kim Yo Jong’s place in N. Korea’s ruling hierarchy
12. Why Is China Singling out Korea for COVID Retaliation?
13. Defense minister says South should deal with North through 'power'
14. China’s ‘retaliatory’ visa ban sign of stormy times ahead
15. Experts: North Korea’s Purge of Top Official Shows Loyalty May Be Insufficient



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