Small Wars Journal

11/13/2021 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Sat, 11/13/2021 - 12:33pm

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National Security News Content:

1. ‘3212 Un-Redacted’ Review: Trying to Solve a Mission’s Mysteries
2. Hamartia, tragic righteousness and America’s ‘forever wars’
3. Leading Through the Impossible: Army Colonel Recounts Tragedy of Afghanistan Withdrawal
4. Andrew Sullivan says America's democracy is at risk because citizens can't compromise
5. Olympics sponsors pressured over China’s ‘appalling human rights record’
6. Picking up brass with a Green Beret
7. Folding America’s Nuclear Umbrella
8. U.S. Drug Maker Johnson & Johnson to Split into 2 Companies
9. National security adviser Jake Sullivan stunned by slow pace of federal bureaucracy
10. EXCLUSIVE: Russian disinformation ‘true constitutional threat,’ top Air Force general warns
11. Cyber agency beefing up disinformation, misinformation team
12. Ministry working to fight Chinese cognitive warfare
13. China’s Global Network of Vocational Colleges to Train the World
14. 5 'Truths' Have Guided US Special Operators for 40 Years, but They Face New Tests From Russia and China — And at Home

Korean News Content:

1. [VOA: Washington Talk] “The end-of-war declaration coordination is quite complete”… “Prospects for progress are difficult.”
2. North Korea sends delegation to China for emergency supplies
3. Risking China’s wrath, South Korean presidential front runner Yoon Seok-youl says more US Thaad missile deployments are possible
4. S. Korean candidate takes tough line on North's nuclear program
5. Ending the Korean War could be Biden's biggest mistake yet
6. US diplomat embroiled in controversy over alleged hit-and-run
7. Only 6 percent of South Koreans have favorable impression of Japanese PM
8.  Seoul’s flying taxi offers a glimpse into the future
9. Korean presidential hopeful vows big foreign policy shifts
10. Decoupling of Korean, US stock markets deepens
11.  Kim Jong-un’s longest absence in seven years sparks ill health rumours
12. The 'floating hotel' rusting away in North Korea



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