Small Wars Journal

1/11/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Wed, 01/11/2023 - 8:31am

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National Security News Content:

1. What Is “Political Warfare”?


3. Austin ends the military’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate

4. U.S., Allies Prepare Fresh Sanctions on Russian Oil Industry

5. GOP pick to lead House China committee vows to win ‘new Cold War’

6. U.S., Japan set to announce shake-up of Marine Corps units to deter China

7. US Navy Seizes More Than 2,000 Iran Assault Rifles Bound For Yemen

8. Get used to wielding ‘hard power,’ US Army general at head of NATO command tells allies

9. Republicans name chairmen for Armed Services, Vet Affairs committees

10. After Ukraine invasion, NATO aligning strategy with 'regional plans': Former SACEUR

11. Digital defenders: A look at the evolution and elevation of America's Cyber National Mission Force

12.  U.S. defeats China in simulated war over Taiwan, but costs are high, says new study on risks

13. To recruit Gen Z, the top Marine makes an appeal to older generations

14. In the 21st Century, China is Our Main Adversary and Japan is Our Most Important Ally

15. Dirty bomb fears as URANIUM is found in cargo at Heathrow

Korean News Content:

1. The AP Interview: Korean leader cites North's serious threat

2. South Korean Conglomerate to Invest $2.5 Billion in U.S. Solar Manufacturing

3. China Halts Visas From South Korea and Japan in Response to Covid Restrictions

4. Unification minister to seek support for Yoon's 'audacious' initiative at Davos forum

5. S. Korea to broaden diplomatic horizons, deepen ties based on shared values: ministry

6. Army Strykers test their firepower for first time near border with North Korea

7. North Korea bans cellphones from public propaganda lectures

8. U.S. monitoring N. Korea, others for potential chemical weapons proliferation: Pentagon

9. [History through The Korea Herald] Is 'reunification of Korea' still a goal, 70 years on?

10. Ex-security chief hid North Korea killing South Korean to shield Moon: prosecutors

11. S. Korea, US to conduct joint drills to respond to N. Korean nuclear attack

12.  [ANALYSIS] Trade reliance makes S. Korea easy target for China's visa retaliation: analysts

13. Missing teenage girls in Pakistan ran away to meet BTS, police say

14. South Korea, U.S. plan February nuclear tabletop drills to deter North



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