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10 June SWJ Roundup

Mon, 06/10/2013 - 12:08pm

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Afghan Forces Quell Attack on Kabul Airport - NYT

Kabul Airport Comes Under Attack - WP

Afghan Taliban Attack Near Kabul Airport - AP

Afghan Soldier Kills 3 Americans - WP

Attacker in Afghanistan Hid Bomb in His Body - NYT

Three Americans Killed in Afghan Insider Attack - VOA

Man in Afghan Army Uniform Shoots, Kills 3 Americans on Base - S&S

Army Leaders Walk Fine Line as Afghan Advisers - AP

Soldiers on Motorcycles Might Be Most Effective in Afghanistan - S&S

Polish Soldier Killed in Afghanistan - AP

Taliban Beheads Two Boys in Southern Afghanistan - Reuters



Syrian War Enters New Phase but No End in Sight - Reuters

UN Launches $4.4 Billion Appeal to Help Syrians - VOA

Syria Rebels Routed Near Qusair - BBC

North Korea Boosting Ground Support to Syrian Regime - DS

Syrian Helicopters Fire Rockets into Lebanon - AP

Netanyahu: Israel Aims to Stay out of Syria Conflict - VOA


Middle East / North Africa

Israel Official: No Palestinian State in '67 Lines - AP

Iranian Hardliner Drops Out of Election, Narrows Field for Allies - Reuters

All 8 Candidates in Iran Toe a Hard Line on Nuclear Might - NYT

Iran Says it Sets Up Space Monitoring Center - AP

Car Bombs Hit Markets in Central Iraq, Killing 22 - AP

Iraq Bomber Kills Iranian Pilgrims - BBC

Iraq: Suicide Car Bomb Kills 7 in Baghdad - AP

Rare Visit to Kurds by Iraqi Leader - Reuters

Al-Qaida Leader Scraps Syria, Iraq Branch Merger - AP

Yemen Says Detains Local Al Qaeda Leader, 2 Soldiers Die in Raid - Reuters

Yemen President Warns al-Qaida Seeks to Rule Again - AP

Lebanon: Protester Dies in Clash That Apparently Involved Hezbollah Supporters - NYT

Anti-Hezbollah Protester Killed in Lebanon - AP

Anti-Hezbollah Protester Shot Dead Outside Iranian Embassy in Beirut -WP

Lebanon: Syria Protester 'Killed in Beirut' - BBC

Hagel, Bahraini Crown Prince Meet at Pentagon - AFPS

Anger Erupts in Egypt Over Mubarak Retrial - VOA

Retrial of Egypt's Mubarak Adjourned to July 6 - AP

Egypt Lawmakers Lambast PM Over Ethiopia Dam - AP

25 Killed In Clashes In Libya - VOA

Deadly Clashes After Libya Protest - BBC

Violence Against Libyan Protesters Threatens to Undercut Power of Militias - NYT

Tunisia’s Way Forward - WP opinion


US Department of Defense

Military Sexual Trauma Captures the Spotlight- AJC

'Virtual Window' May Help Tank Crews Look Beyond the Hull - S&S


United States

Ex-Worker at CIA Says He Leaked Data on Surveillance - NYT

Growth of Surveillance Post-9/11Rraises Risk of Leaks Like PRISM - WP

Hong Kong Seen as Likely to Extradite Leaker if US Asks - NYT

In Defending Surveillance Tactics, Obama is in Bush Territory - WP

Leaker’s Employer Is Paid to Maintain Government Secrets - NYT

US Intelligence Chief Acknowledges Internet Surveillance Program - S&S

Clapper: US Surveillance Activities Are Lawful - AFPS

Search Is On For Source of Leaks, Intelligence Official Says - WP

Source of NSA Leak Reveals Himself - WP

The Whistleblower Behind the NSA Surveillance Revelations - Guardian

Leaker Used Code Names in Talks With Post Reporter - WP

Obama Puts Spotlight on Immigration Reform - VOA

US Reveals It Held Hundreds of Immigrant Kids in Adult Detention - VOA

Senate Digs In for Long Battle on Overhaul of Immigration - NYT

Obama's Emerging Cyberwar Doctrine - WP opinion

What Big Brother?  - WP opinion

The NSA Leaker Comes Forward - WP opinion

Secrecy and Freedom - NYT opinion


United Kingdom

Britain Says It Follows Law in Gathering Intelligence - NYT

Hague: Nothing to Fear from GCHQ - BBC



At Least 21 Dead in Northern Nigeria Violence - VOA

Mali: UN Cites Extensive Damage to Timbuktu - VOA

'Racist Abuses' by Mali Rebels, Army - BBC

Sudan Orders Halt of S. Sudan Oil Flow - VOA

Sudan Says Pipeline Shutdown Is ‘Reversible’ - NYT

Sudan 'Orders Halt to Oil Transfers' - BBC

S. Sudan Says Keep Exporting Oil to Sudan Despite Stoppage Threat - Reuters

South Sudan Urges Sudan to Keep Security Pact - AP

10 Killed in Fighting in Key Somali Port - VOA

Somalis Flee Deadly Kismayo Fighting - BBC

Guinea's Opposition May Agree to Election - AP

S. Africa: Prayers as Mandela Stays in Hospital - BBC

S. Africa: Mandela Still in Hospital in Serious Condition - AP



Tales of Rape Emerge from Colombia’s Long Conflict - WP

Venezuela Scraps Food Restriction - BBC

Mexico Bar Kidnap 'Linked to Gang' - BBC


Asia / Pacific

US, Chinese Presidents Cap Summit with Vows of New Cooperation - VOA

Obama-Xi Summit 'Constructive' - BBC

Obama Warns Chinese President on Dangers of Continued Cybertheft - WP

China: Obama and Xi Try to Avoid a Cold War Mentality - NYT

China: Obama, Xi Emphasize Importance of US-China Relationship - AFPS

Obama Pressed Chinese Leader on Cybersecurity - AP

China: Obama, Xi Discuss Military-to-Military Relations, Cybersecurity - AFPS

Obama Pressed Chinese Leader on Cybersecurity - AP

Leak of NSA Programs Tests US, China Ties - AP

North, South Korea Conduct Preparatory Talks - VOA

North and South Korea Meet For First Time in More Than Two Years -WP

North Korea’s Recalcitrance Looms Over Talks With South - NYT

Officials From Two Koreas Hold Talks - BBC

2 Koreas Talk in Border Village After Tensions - AP

Indonesia Asks Saudis to Extend Deadline for Undocumented Workers - NYT



France's Hollande: Euro Crisis Over - BBC

Turkey Protesters Clash with Police as Demonstrations Enter 10th Day - VOA

Outside Istanbul, Turkey’s Protests Have Many Demands - WP

Turkey's Leader Remains Defiant - AD

Turkey: Ankara Protesters Clash With Police - BBC

Turkish Opposition Leader Criticizes Erdogan - AP

Former Dutch Leader Steps Into US Nukes Debate - NYT

How Europe Can Save Turkey - WP opinion

The Ghosts of Europe Past - NYT opinion


South Asia

Pakistan President to New Leaders: Stop Militancy - AP

Pakistan Summons US Diplomats to Formally Protest Drone Syrikes - WP

Despite Vow to Downsize, New Pakistan PM Occupies Palace - WP

Pakistan Summons US Envoy Over Drone Strike - AP

Pakistan Summons US Diplomats to Formally Protest Drone Strikes - WP

Roadside Bombs Kill 2 Soldiers in Pakistan - AP

BJP 'Star' Gets Key India Poll Role - BBC

Controversial Hindu Politician Will Lead Opposition Campaign in India -WP

Indian Opposition Leader Resigns Party Posts - AP