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Call for Papers: Corruption, Violence and Governance

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Call for Papers: Corruption, Violence and Governance


Small Wars Journal-El Centro is seeking papers on the theme of corruptionviolence, and governance in Latin America for the next SWJ-El Centro Anthology.  Essays and articles exploring militarization, crime wars and criminal insurgency, transnational organized crime, and the rise of authoritarian states are encouraged.  Comparative case studies contrasting Latin American and other geographic cases (especially Africa and Asia) are welcome.


Essays on the theme will be initially published online at Small Wars Journal.  Select papers will be included within the curated anthology.  Papers are subject to editorial review and may be referred for peer/expert review and/or edited for style. Case studies, ethnographic research, legal reviews, academic and piratical research are encouraged.  Publication of the edited volume is expected within 18 Months.  Therefore, contributions will be accepted on a rolling basis over the next 12-16 months. 


Six Small Wars Journal-El Centro Anthologies have been released to date. The most recent anthology The Rise of the Narcostate (Mafia States) covering writings published between 2016-2017 was released in August 2018. It is expected that this new anthology will build on the existing collections to detail the complex interactions among corruption, violence, and governance in Latin America and the influence of transnational organized crime on conflict, sovereignty, and relations between and among states. 


Dave Dilegge, SWJ Editor-in-Chief

Dr. Robert J. Bunker, Senior Fellow

Dr. John P. Sullivan, Senior Fellow

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The length of the submission is variable.  Generally we prefer essays ranging from 2,500-6,000 words however content and format figure in to the assessment. Refer to then general Small Wars Journal submission guidelines for a start.  In addition, take a look at the article already published at SWJ-El Centro, especially those featured in the SWJ-El Centro Anthologies. These are listed at SWJ Books.  Finally, should you submit a paper or essay mention that it is in response to this Call for Papers.  We will review the submission and make editorial suggestions as necessary and in response to editorial and/or peer review. 


Fri, 12/14/2018 - 10:27am

SWJ Editors, any word limitations for consideration for these submissions? I have a Venezuelan governance assessment essay prepared that I think fits this theme, but I may need to pare it down. Thanks!