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New Small Wars Journal-El Centro Book on Gangs — Strategic Notes on Third Generation Gangs

Tue, 04/07/2020 - 11:20am

New Small Wars Journal-El Centro Book on Gangs — Strategic Notes on Third Generation Gangs 


Small Wars Journal is proud to announce the release of a new Small Wars Journal-El Centro Anthology: Strategic Notes on Third Generation Gangs.

Strategic Notes on Third Generation Gangs joins the series of SWJ Books and builds upon the third generation street gang (3Gen Gang) theory first articulated in a series of papers by John P. Sullivan in 1997. From that foundation, Dr. John P. Sullivan and Dr. Robert J. Bunker, editors of this volume, and others have expanded that core to articulate the threat that sophisticated territorial gangs with transnational reach, military-trained gang members and political dimensions pose to community, national, and global security. Contributors include: George W. Knox, Max G. Manwaring, Hal Brands, José de Arimatéia da Cruz, Juan Ricardo Gómez Hecht, Carter F. Smith, Joshua Harms, Nathan P. Jones, Robert Muggah, Ioan Grillo, and John W. Spencer, in addition to Robert J. Bunker and John P. Sullivan.

This Small Wars Journal-El Centro Anthology reinforces their research on criminal armed groups bringing together empirical finding captured in strategic notes and essays on third generation gangs and military-trained gang members.  The text includes new content assessing the theoretical and policy ramifications of both theory and empirical reality on the ground.

John P. Sullivan and Robert J. Bunker, Eds. Strategic Notes on Third Generation Gangs, A Small Wars Journal-El Centro Anthology, ISBN: 1796095613, 674 pages, $26.99.

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