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Tue, 02/09/2016 - 6:50pm

A TRADOC G-2 / Small Wars Journal Mad Scientist Call for Papers Update

The Mad Scientist Initiative is a TRADOC G-2 initiative that enables continuous dialogue between Joint military, international partners, academia, policy institutions, and private sector organizations to help the Army explore the evolution of the Operational Environment (OE) through the year 2040.  Mad Scientist also seeks to examine the effects of all aspects of technology on the far future of armed conflict. 

The Mad Scientist Initiative allows for continuously learning, adaptation, and innovation and allows for broader engagement in problem solving.  Mad Scientist supports understanding the future OE and the underlying technology evolution to support the Campaign of Learning, 2025 Maneuvers, science and technology investments, and capability development for the Army.

TRADOC G-2 is soliciting papers from your community that address TRADOC objectives concerning Megacities/Dense Urban Areas.

See Mad Scientist Call for Papers for additional details concerning the call and objectives.  So far the response has been great - thanks to all who have answered the call. Keep them coming.

Please send your submissions or questions to the TRADOC G2 attn: Mr. Joel Lawton and Dr. Kira Hutchinson

Small Wars Journal is publishing the papers after vetting by the TRADOC G-2. Here are the posted papers so far:

  1. Operational Environment Implications of the Megacity to the U.S. Army - By Darryl Ward
  2. Unmanned Systems in Support of Future Medical Operations in Dense Urban Environments - By Nathan Fisher and Gary Gilbert
  3. A Revolution in Military Affairs versus “Evolution”: When Machines are Smart Enough! - By Tom Keeley
  4. Net Assessment: Threats to Future Army Acquisitions - By Joel Lawton and Philip Serpico
  5. Man, Computer, and Special Warfare - By Patrick Duggan
  6. Shifting Focus from U.S. Technological Dominance to U.S.-Allied Dominance - By Elizabeth Royall
  7. Future Applications of Biotechnology - By Ed. Perkins
  8. Super Soldiers: 3D Bioprinting and the Future Fighter - By Theresa Campobasso
  9. Nanotechnology, Drones, and 3D Printing: The Future of Soldier Efficiencies in 2025 - By Carole and John House
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