Small Wars Journal

11/16/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Wed, 11/16/2022 - 6:22am

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National Security News Content:

1. Can Russia Terror Bomb Its Way to Victory in Ukraine?

2. Putin Fans or Kremlin Bots? War and Mobilization Across Russian Social Media Platforms

3. What did Xi and Biden just accomplish?

4. Russia’s Road to Economic Ruin

5. Is A NATO vs. Russia War Possible over Poland Missile Strike?

6. Poland Hit by Russian Missiles: How Should NATO Respond?

7. Could Ukraine's New Peace Plan End the War For Good?

8. Korea’s Shifting Deterrence Strategy

9. Biden’s Pentagon misses the target again

10. The Stage Is Set For US Combat Troops In Ukraine –

11. The Marine Corps Silent Drill Platoon is getting its first female commander ever

12. FBI director says he's 'extremely concerned' about China's ability to weaponize TikTok

13. Biden-Xi Talks Mark Shift in U.S.-China Ties Toward Managing Fierce Competition

14. At G20 Summit, Xi and Biden Offer Rival Visions for Solving Global Issues

15. Skilling SOF teams to exploit the cyber vector

16. G20 leaders' declaration condemns Russia's war 'in strongest terms'

17. The US’s New Tool for Deterrence Isn’t Ready (SOF, Cyber, Space Triad)


19. Exclusive: Kamala Harris to visit Philippine islands at edge of South China Sea dispute

20. Missile That Hit Poland Likely Launched by Ukraine in Air Defense, Western Officials Say

21. Western Allies Look to Ukraine as a Testing Ground for Weapons

22. Ukraine Needs Air Defense Assistance to Protect Hard-Won Victories on the Ground

23. Operationalizing Strategic Empathy: Best Practices from Inside the First Island Chain

24. US to Spend $66 Million to Upgrade Philippine Security Facilities

25. To win the internet, the Pentagon's info ops need more humanity and a dash of absurdity

26. Putin’s Fear of Retreat – How the Cuban Missile Crisis Haunts the Kremlin

27. Max Hastings On The Legacy Of The Cuban Missile Crisis

Korean News Content:

1. U.S. continuing to monitor N. Korea for provision of artillery shells to Russia: Pentagon

2. [Herald Interview] ‘US, S. Korea should optimize defense posture for deterrence, diplomacy’

3. Turbulent rivalry shifts in East Asia and Korea

4. North Korea and US Complacency: Why We Can’t Get Off the Escalation Merry-Go-Round

5. Fugitive underwear boss gave Kim Jong-un Hermès saddle, say prosecutors

6. Yoon, Xi share views for peace on Korean peninsula

7. South Korea’s Yoon tells Xi he wants mutually beneficial, mature ties with China

8. Yoon, Japan's Kishida agreed to seek quick settlement of forced labor issue: official

9. Yoon-Xi summit reveals gap in approach to North Korea

10. North Korea funneled $1b for its nuclear programs through cyber crypto heists

11. Yoon in hot water over strained media relations

12. [Herald Interview] S.Korea has to ‘take some risk’ to ensure deterrence on Taiwan

13. Experts say additional THAAD deployment unlikely - for now



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