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3/9/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Wed, 03/09/2022 - 5:50am

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National Security News Content:

2. Years of planning paid off in rapid Europe deployments, Army chief says
3. U.S. says up to 4,000 Russian soldiers have died in Ukraine invasion
5. Ukraine war mystery: What’s wrong with the Russian military?
6. Banning Russia’s oil imports is the easy part. Protecting American consumers is much harder.
7. Most Americans are willing to pay more at the pump for Ukraine
8. How Ukraine Could Do the Impossible: Win a War Against Russia
9. I’ve studied all the possible trajectories of this war. None are good
10. Who Is Volodymyr Zelensky? Ukraine’s Wartime President Is a Former TV Star
11. Iron Curtain Comes Down on Energy
12. Live Updates: Biden Bans Russian Oil Imports and Major U.S. Brands Close Outlets
13. Opinion | Putin Has No Good Way Out, and That Really Scares Me
14. I was the head of the UK’s Syria team. Our mistakes are being repeated in Ukraine
15. Russia's military losses in Ukraine are a gold mine for US intelligence
16. How the Ukrainian Military Went from 'Decrepit' to Surprisingly Strong
17. Concern Rising That Putin Could Use Nuclear Weapons
18. Russia looks to Chinese financial plumbing to keep money flowing
19. New Iran Nuclear Deal? Same Old Missile Problems.
20. Washington must do more to support companies facing Russian hackers
21. Nine lessons from Ukraine to apply in the Taiwan Strait
22. Russia's War in Ukraine Is About So Much More Than Territory
23. Yale researchers release running list of companies still operating in Russia
24. Hints of a Ukraine-Russia Deal?
25. Axios Wants Us to Read Everything in Bullet Points

Korean News Content:

1. 1. North restarts construction at old nuclear test site
2. S. Korea should prepare for a possible oil shock
3. Joint Statement on the March 5 Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’s Ballistic Missile Launch
4. Meet South Korea’s Swing Voters: Young, Broke and Angry
5. UNICEF distributing humanitarian aid in N. Korea after quarantine release
6. Korean shipbuilders No. 1 in terms of global new orders
7. UNSC again fails to condemn NK’s missile launch
8. Russia's plummeting ruble to hit Korean firms
9. South Korea’s Upcoming Presidential Election And The Future Of Diplomacy With North Korea
10. South Korea’s Populist Turn – OpEd
11. A Lesson for North Korea: Ukraine Gave Up Its Nukes and Was Invaded