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12/26/2021 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Sun, 12/26/2021 - 12:45pm

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National Security News Content:

1. Training Civilians, Ukraine Nurtures a Resistance in Waiting
2. Where Russia Once Triumphed, Ukrainians Prepare to Resist Putin
3. Taiwan would be better off alone
4. This Is The Company Profiting Most From War
5. 20 Companies Profiting the Most from War
6. 5 Desperate Days: Escaping Kabul
7. Grindle: Evidence mounts of Afghanistan withdrawal’s massive failure
8. Reports of Russia's decline are greatly exaggerated
9. Second Opinion: Does the Biden administration deserve a passing grade in foreign policy?
10. Opinion | Ukraine stood with the West in 2014. Today we must stand with Ukraine.
11. U.S. signing of Xinjiang-related act 'wrong, unpopular, dangerous': spokesperson
12. As the Taliban swept Kabul, one friend escaped. The other was trapped. They shared their anguish on WhatsApp
13. Opinion | National conservatives and racial identitarians have a common enemy: Individualism by George F. Will
14. Sunday Q&A: Top Republican on Foreign Affairs, McCaul sees Russian invasion as likely
15. ‘Radically optimistic’: the thinktank chief who believes the US can ‘self-correct’
16. Should US Get Tougher on China Over Hong Kong or Use Other Approach?
17. Russian Mercenaries are Officially in Mali—and the West is Furious

Korean News Content:

1. Why a Korean End of War Declaration Is Just Diplomatic Symbolism
2. End of war in our time
3. In Korea, thinking about China
4. Moon stresses need for defense capabilities befitting S. Korea's geopolitical position
5. Former USFK commander "Korea's military power is frankly far behind"
6. Women who flee North Korea also escape a harsh patriarchy
7. US-China conflict ignites new 'Cold War' in supply chain
8. North Korea set for key party meeting amid deadlock in nuclear negotiations
9. Kim Jong-un's decade in power
10. Lee pledges to build nuclear submarines, launch space command



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