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12/25/2021 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Sat, 12/25/2021 - 12:54pm

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National Security News Content:

1. A Rift in the Conservative Foreign-Policy World
2. Bear, Meet Porcupine: Unconventional Deterrence for Ukraine
3. How the Taliban Outwitted and Outwaited the U.S.
4. The Art of War (not necessarily Sun Tzu)
5. A Quiet Cadence (Book review)
6. 10 Facts about Washington's Crossing of the Delaware River
7. China in Afghanistan: How Beijing Engages the Taliban
8. O'Donnell: America’s First Christmas that Changed the Course of History
9. US delays intelligence center targeting foreign influence
10. No time for war: Russians see no chance of conflict
11. Putin's Asymmetric Blind Spot
12. Russian Brinkmanship Meets Weaponized Finance: Prepare for Deterrence to Fail
13. Russia accuses Ukraine of an 'act of terrorism' over Molotov attack
14. Has the Myth of the ‘Good War’ Done Us Lasting Harm?
15. The Art of Losing
16. Opinion | China is testing the West. We shouldn’t back down.
17. Who’s more likely to win Myanmar’s raging civil war?

Korean News Content:

​1, ​Proactively countering North Korea’s advancing nuclear threat
2. More naughty than nice: In South Korea, motels, condoms and the pill are in hot demand for Christmas
3. How special pardon for ex-President Park may affect March election
4. Moon Settles for Video Summit with Xi
5. S.Korea, China agree to strengthen ‘substantial cooperation’ on economy, culture
6. Cooperative threat reduction in North Korea
7. <Inside N. Korea> Growing Radicalization in People's Control
8. The unknown health of the Kim regime.