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12/23/2021 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Thu, 12/23/2021 - 10:05am

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National Security News Content:

1. The next Russian invasion of Ukraine will be too big to hide, and Russia doesn't care
2. Is There a Kishida Doctrine?
3. Japan’s hypersonics aim for strategic independence
4. What the U.S. Should Learn From U.K. Cyber Strategy
5. The Strategic Case for Risking War in Ukraine
6. Opinion | Brave Afghans who served with me and others are in danger. Our government can’t let them die.
7. Hong Kong tears down ‘Pillar of Shame’ sculpture honoring Tiananmen victims
8. FDD | Putin Can’t Be Allowed to Re-Divide Europe
9. FDD | Is Israel Facing Up To Reality On Hamas and Hezbollah?
10. FDD | The Coming Middle East Narco Wars
11. Capitol Police Chief Can Now 'Unilaterally' Ask for National Guard Help In Emergencies
12. US Army conducts first tactical cyber exercise readying teams for operations
13. Former U.S. sailor sentenced for selling stolen special ops gear to China
14. Opinion - Mission Unaccomplished: Describing Failing US Military as ‘Awesome’ - Andrew Bacevich
15. On volatile border between India and China, a high-altitude military buildup is underway
16. Strategic Foresight in U.S. Agencies - An Analysis of Long-term Anticipatory Thinking in the Federal Government
17. US Embassy mocks Russia for blatant lie about respecting Ukraine
18. Russian national extradited to US to face charges for what officials call a global hacking scheme that stole millions of dollars
19. Trump 'very appreciative' and 'surprised' Biden acknowledged his administration's COVID vaccine success

Korean News Content:

1. Moon plans to end Korean War before leaving office
2. End-of-war declaration: What are US conditions, sequence, timing? (part 2)
3. End-of-war: No reason for US to back ‘end-of-rainbow’ pursuit (Part 3)
4. South Korea isn't likely to sign a peace treaty — nor should it
5. <Inside N. Korea> Growing Radicalization in People's Control
6. Most Korean Businesses in China Say Things Are Getting Worse
7. A More Isolated and Unpredictable North Korea in 2022
8. Once demonized, capitalist-style banking could be the future for socialist North Korea’s economy
9. N.Korea's Kim praises 'fresh heyday' in China relations as longtime envoy departs
10. A Decade of the Kim Jong Un Doctrine
11. South Korea holds talks with China amid spat with Taiwan
12. N.Korea's Kim praises 'fresh heyday' in China relations as longtime envoy departs
13. North Korea’s Signaling on Nuclear Weapons and Negotiations
14. Understanding Kim Jong Un’s Economic Policymaking: Pyongyang’s Views on Banking
15. Moon visits front-line unit on border island, encourages Marines
16. S. Korea to bolster 'future-oriented' cooperation with U.S. on supply chains, technologies in 2022