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1/10/2022 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Mon, 01/10/2022 - 9:18am

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National Security News Content:

1. Statement by National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan on Iranian Threats and Provocations Against American Citizens
2. White House worried Iran is plotting assassination attempts against Trump administration officials
3. Paratrooper charged in Syria shootout acquitted of all charges
4. Taliban graduated 200 Special Forces completing three-month training
5.  The Continuing Storm
6. Analysis | Kazakhstan called for assistance. Why did Russia dispatch troops so quickly?
7. America’s Asia Strategy Has Reached a Dead End
8. Myanmar's Suu Kyi faces six years in jail after new sentences -source
9. (Reserve) Army Officer Relieved of Command, Facing Discharge over Racist Social Media Posts
10. Opinion | Steve Bannon Is Onto Something
11. Impact of North Korea’s latest missile test on Iran nuke threat
12. Is the Crisis in Kazakhstan the Rebirth of the Soviet Union?
13. All is not well in the transatlantic relationship
14. Spiking the Problem: Developing a Resilient Posture in the Indo-Pacific with Passive Defenses
15. Rise of rightwing extremism in US military sparks fears over democracy
16. January 6, the Afghanistan Withdrawal and the Future of U.S. Counterterrorism
17. US pairs skater Timothy LeDuc calls human rights abuses in China 'horrifying'
18. How Fake Spies Ruin Real Intelligence
19. Higher ed's role in civic learning and democracy’s future (opinion)

Korean News Content:

1. Peninsula tightrope both taut and fraught
2. North Korea's hypersonic missile claim is seen as an attempt to boost its 'bargaining position'
3. Defense minister calls for 'full attention' to allied defense posture amid USFK virus case rise
4. S. Korea ranks 9th in defense technologies: report
5. Seoul monitoring possible change in N.Korea's Covid policy
6. Intel Is About to Relinquish Its Chipmaking Crown to Samsung
7. Cold War-era anti-communist slogan springs back to life in presidential race
8.  Instagram Removes “Defeat Communism” Posting, CIO Collects on Shinsegae Vice Chair Chung Yong-jin’s Electronic Communications
9. ‘Eradicate communism’ (South Korean election OpEd)
10. North Korea ordered military into “No. 1 combat posture” after defector crossed border
11. News of recent “double defection” spreads along China-North Korea border
12. N Korean defectors face discrimination in the South
13. N.Korea Informs China It Won't Attend Olympics
14.  20 N.Korean defectors migrated overseas in over 5 yrs
15.  Ahn’s rise splits presidential race three ways
16.  North's fighter jets hide in secret air bases in mountains
17. Kim Jong-un's wife is former cheerleader and singer from top North Korea family