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Claude Berube


Claude Berube is the author of “The Aden Effect” (Naval Institute Press, September 2012). He earned his B.A. in History and Soviet Studies, his M.A. in History from Northeastern University, and his M.A. in National Security Studies from the Naval War College.  He is currently writing his doctoral dissertation on Andrew Jackson’s Navy through the University of Leeds.

He was a 2004 Brookings Institution LEGIS Fellow and a 2010 Maritime Security Studies Fellow at The Heritage Foundation. He worked on political campaigns, for the Office of Naval Intelligence, in the U.S. Senate, and taught at the United States Naval Academy where his courses included American Government, Terrorism, Campaigns & Elections, Intelligence & National Security. Maritime Security Challenges, Naval History, and Emergent Naval Warfare. An intelligence officer in the U.S. Navy Reserve, he has served on active duty assignments in Europe and deployed to the Persian Gulf in 2004-2005 with Expeditionary Strike Group Five.

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