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Andrew Fox


Andrew Fox is the author of the award-winning comic-horror novel, Fat White Vampire Blues (2003), and its sequel, Bride of the Fat White Vampire (2004).  His third novel, The Good Humor Man, or, Calorie 3501 (2009), was selected by Booklist Magazine as one of the Ten Best Science Fiction and Fantasy Novels of the Year.  He is also a member of SIGMA, the science fiction think tank. His day job involves managing acquisitions of information systems.  One of his biggest personal accomplishments was organizing one of the most successful citizen-led anti-violence campaigns in New Orleans’s history.  After his cousin Amy Silberman was killed by celebratory gunfire on New Year’s Eve in 1994, he co-founded the New Year Coalition Against Holiday Gunfire.  Over the next six years, the New Year Coalition’s public safety education campaign helped reduce annual injuries from New Year’s Eve gunfire from a dozen casualties or more to zero.

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