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9/3/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Sat, 09/03/2022 - 12:11pm

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National Security News Content:

2. China’s Economy Won’t Overtake the U.S., Some Now Predict
3. HIMARS: The Rocket Weapon Creating Chaos for Russia in Ukraine
4. Russia could be ‘North Korea on steroids’: Economist and ex–Kremlin adviser warns what could happen if Putin is replaced
5. EXCLUSIVE: Air Force clears CV-22 Ospreys to fly after 2-week safety shutdown
6. Ukrainian Verdun
7. Why Are We in Ukraine?
8. Troops, Veterans Are Targets in the Disinformation War, Even if They Don’t Know It Yet
9. Three reasons why Taiwanese people are increasingly opposed to ‘reunification’ with China
10. Opinion | Why Star Wars' Boba Fett is the ultimate Special Forces soldier
11. Ukraine Sees Many Ways to Hurt Russia in Kherson Offensive
12. High Seas Deception: How Shady Ships Use GPS to Evade International Law
13.  ‘Is there a purge?’: John Harwood’s CNN exit viewed as strategy shift
14. U.S. to sell $1.1 billion in anti-ship, air-to-air weapons to Taiwan
15. Putin’s Private Army Accused of Committing Their Most Heinous Massacre Yet
16. When Israel Struck Syria’s Reactor: What Really Happened – Analysis
17. Turn of the tide: Authoritarian regimes' influence waning around the world 
18. Americans aren't as polarized as they think they are
19. Spirals of Delusion: How AI Distorts Decision-Making and Makes Dictators More Dangerous
20. Wise Gals: The Spies Who Built the CIA and Changed the Future of Espionage

Korean News Content:

1. Readout of the Meeting of the United States, Japanese and Republic of Korea Trilateral National Security Advisors - The White House
2. S.Korea official: no soft response in case of N.Korea nuclear test
3. U.S., Japan, South Korea pledge resolute response to North Korea nuke test
4. KORUS drills target Washington's ‘near-peer adversary’
5. U.S. aircraft carrier Reagan due in S. Korea this month 
6. Seoul, Tokyo, Washington vow to make Pyongyang ‘learn of its fault’ if it carries out nuclear test
7. North Korea’s Trading of Small Arms and Light Weapons: Open-source Information Analysis of Sanctions Implementation
8. NSC chief says Korea-Japan summit may take place at UN General Assembly
9. Japanese and South Koreans see each other more favorably, poll shows
10. Koreans, Japanese Think More Kindly of Each Other
11. US-South Korea-Japan Strengthen Joint Commitment in Face of Possible 7th North Korean Nuclear Test
12. A Three Part Plan to Enhance President Yoon’s North Korea Strategy: Toward a Free and Unified Korea (with comments)



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