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WAR BULLETIN 14 March 1, 2022, 07.00 p.m. (EST) (Ukraine)

Tue, 03/01/2022 - 9:06pm
From the Ukraine MInistry of Information.


March 1, 2022, 07.00 p.m. (EST)


At the EU Parliament Zelenskyy expressed appreciation of the fact of unification of all Europe around Ukraine that pays significant price for it.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine strongly condemns the barbaric attacks by the Russian Federation of residential areas and civilian infrastructure across Ukrainian cities.

The Minister of Foreign affairs addressed international community to spread information about Russian war crimes.

Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine called humanitarian organizations for action despite the concern for their staff.

The Republic of Belarus, as a satellite of the Russian Federation, provides assistance in the deployment of troops and weapons of the enemy on its territory.

Air strikes in Zhytomyr, Mariupol. A rocket strike was launched on the TV tower of Kyiv.




Operative information

The State Emergency Service of Ukraine

Air strikes in Zhytomyr damaged 10 private homes (3 of them caught fire) and damaged windows in the city hospital building.

Two people were killed and three were injured. People are probably in the rubble of damaged private houses.



The police department of Donetsk Oblast

Russian air strikes hit the center of Mariupol - police recorded Russian military crime!

According to the prior data, one person died, three people were injured.

Several buildings and school №16 were destroyed. Civilian buildings of the Left-bank district and public enterprise "Comunalnyk" were under the aggressor's shelling again.

The new bombardment of the city began around 5:30 pm. The number of injured people is being estimated.

The police department of Donetsk Oblast opened the criminal proceeding due to Article 438 (violation of the laws and traditions of war) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.


General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Russia is preparing a deliberate provocation to justify the introduction of Belarusian troops

According to available intelligence, there are now about 300 Belarusian tanks near the Belarusian-Ukrainian border.

The convoy has not yet crossed the border and is waiting on the route Pinsk - Ivanovo - Drahichyn (approximately 30 km from the State Border of Ukraine).

Russia is expected to carry out a deliberate provocation to justify the preplanned attack by Belarusian troops.

MLRS strikes "Tornado", bombing of residential neighborhoods, ballistic missile attacks on the central square and the city administration - got into the smartphones of eyewitnesses. Putin`s regime war crimes in Kharkiv are much larger.

Yesterday, February 28, a strategic bomber-missile carrier Tu-22m3, without crossing the state border, struck at PEACEFUL RESIDENTIAL QUARTERS of Kharkiv HIGH-EXACT WEAPONS - air-to-surface missiles. The bomber took four measures at the rate of n.p. Besedino (Kursk region) - Belgorod, firing about 16 missiles on the defenseless city.

The horrific consequences of the missiles attack were recorded by local residents. High-rise buildings, schools, kindergartens and other infrastructure of the city was destroyed. According to preliminary data, dozens of Kharkiv residents were killed in the airstrikes, including children.

 ️The Air Force recorded this crime against humanity between 19.07 and 19.51 on 28 February 2022. The materials will be sent to the International Criminal Court - ICC, the Hague in due course.

Unfortunately, in the current situation, it is extremely difficult for the Air Force to cover the skies in this region, as part of the country's air defense system was destroyed by the Russian ballistic and cruise missiles.

The occupiers do not dare to storm the city, because they are guaranteed to be killed, so they resorted to air terrorism, killing civilians in Kharkiv.


The Republic of Belarus, as a satellite of the Russian Federation, provides assistance in the deployment of troops and weapons of the enemy on its territory. In the future, it is likely to be able to support the Russian invaders in the Russian-Ukrainian war and help achieve the goals of the occupiers.

Thus, from February 24, 2022, missile strikes on military and civilian facilities have been systematically launched from the territory of Belarus. Today it is noted that the Belarusian troops are in combat readiness and are in areas of concentration as close as possible to the state border of Ukraine. During the current day, according to intelligence, significant activity of aircraft was recorded. In addition, the movement of convoys of vehicles with food and ammunition in the area of settlements Baranovychi, Lyakhovychi and Pinsk is helpful.

According to available data, the Russian occupiers are preparing to launch a large-scale information and psychological operation in the near future.

Its goal is to break the resistance of the Ukrainian people and the Ukrainian army with the help of lies. Using tactics of total disinformation and intimidation of the civilian population, the enemy will try to sow panic and chaos.

during hostilities.

Groups of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are defending certain borders and inflicting a devastating defeat on the enemy in all directions.

During the fierce fighting in the Chernobyl direction, the Chief of Staff of the 36th Army of the Eastern Military District was wounded and the commander of 11 separate airborne assault brigades of the Russian Air Force was killed in the Siversky Operational District.

Due to the fact that the enemy fails to achieve its goals, due to the significant resistance of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the resistance of the patriotic civilian population, he moved to the destruction of information infrastructure and critical government facilities. Thus, the occupying forces, as they move deeper into the territory of Ukraine, destroy the relay towers of cellular communication. On March 1, 2022, a rocket strike was launched on the TV tower of Kyiv.

The enemy continues to cynically disregard the norms of international humanitarian law.

Kyiv TV tower was shelled.

The State Emergency Service of Ukraine informs that five people died as a result of the shelling of TV tower in Kyiv. Five others were injured.

More info:


MFA Crisis Center

The Kirovohrad regional state administration reports, that the occupants have shelled the airdrome of Kanatovo.

The head of Kharkiv regional state administration Oleh Syniehubov informed that in the morning of March 1st the Russians have shelled Kharkiv, using the multiple rocket launchers “Grad” and the cruising missiles.

Upon the preliminary information of the State Emergency Service, 6 people were injured, among them - 1 child. The number of the casualties is to be confirmed.

In the aftermath of the shelling of Kharkiv by Russian forces, at least 10 persons died (number is to be confirmed), more than 20 injured, roughly 10 people are saved from under the debris by the rescuers and the volunteers. According to the local authorities there were two hits. Most of the building, including the mayor's office, were destroyed (the Mayor was away). At the time of the explosions, personnel of Territorial Defense Forces, soldiers and volunteers were in the building.


Advisor to the Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine

“Russia is extensively shelling the centers of the cities, carrying out the missile and artillery strikes against the residential blocks and government agencies. The aim of the Russian Federation is clear - widespread turmoil, casualties among the civil population, destroying the infrastructure. Ukraine is fighting back with dignity”.


Advisor of the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

The Ukrainian defenders shot down two helicopters of the Russian occupants near Kyiv.


Kyiv City Administration

According to preliminary data, 5 civilians were killed when two missiles hit the TV tower in Kyiv.

Specialists are working on restoring the TV tower broadcasting at its full capacity. Digital broadcasting was already partially restored. TV channels are available in cable networks, satellite, and online broadcasting.





President of Ukraine

During his speech at the EU Parliament Zelenskyy expressed appreciation of the fact of unification of all Europe around Ukraine. The President underlined that the events that brought Europe together came at a high price for Ukraine. 

“I believe that we are sacrificing our best, strongest Ukrainian people for our values, for liberty, simply for our desire to be equal, same as you. Often, we like to say that we will win. I am very glad that now, you are not only saying but also seeing it. There is a saying, “Ukraine’s European choice.” This is what Ukraine aspires. Today, I would like to hear from you, in turn, about Europe’s aspiration for Ukraine.” stressed Zelenskyy.

To the PM`s attention was brought another war crime executed by Russian forces. As of this morning two cruise missiles were launched at Kharkiv by the Russian occupation forces. The missiles were launched right at Freedom Square in the very center of the city. Number of victims is still to be determined.

“We want our children to live. I think that this is more than justified, yet yesterday, 16 children were killed. And again, President Putin will say that this is just a “military operation” and that Russian army is targeting “only Ukraine’s military infrastructure.” Where are our children? Did they work at military factories? Were they at the missile launch facilities? Were they riding inside the tanks? You have killed 16 children.” Said Zelenskyy.

Ukrainians are highly motivated people. Fighting for survival is the main aspiration of Ukraine. In addition to that, the country is also fighting to be equal member of the EU. The President had no doubt that Ukraine will make the EU stronger. Without Europeans, Ukraine will be on its own. Zelenskyy called for the EU to support Ukrainians.



Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine and Minister for Reintegration of Temporary Occupied Territories

Armed Forces of Ukraine are staying strong despite increased attacks by Russian military. The recent increase of severity of shelling and bombardments caused humanitarian crisis: power outage, limited or no access to water, constant hiding in cellars. Russian invaders do not leave a chance for creation of humanitarian corridor, which is the violation of international law. Ukraine expected more international humanitarian organizations, especially Red Cross, the UN, and OSCE, to cooperate to help with security of Ukrainian civilians. Vereschuk called humanitarian organizations for action despite the concern for their staff. International law protects personnel allowing opportunities to intervene directly at the front line, not remotely from Lviv. If work of those organizations is impossible due to level of risks caused by Russian attacks, they have to make a very specific public statement about it worldwide. If the lack of performance due to those reasons remains, Ukraine asks for help with transportation vehicles. It is also imperative to create humanitarian corridors for women, children, elderly, and handicapped in Donbas region. Ukraine needs your assistance in Kyiv region due to awareness about enemy’s plans in the region. Red Cross, UN, and OSCE, where called for to protect Ukrainian civil population while Ukrainian army defends the country.



Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Briefing

Despite the fact that Putin attacked Ukraine with the entire Russian army, Ukraine did not give up and did not fall impressing the whole world.

Recent events shifts the tide of the confrontation with Russia to a new level. The missile attacks in Kharkiv, Kyiv, other Ukrainian cities, the murder of children, the suffering of children in hospitals and basements allow Ukrainians to launch a clear message around the world: Russian means barbaric.

The minister addressed international community to use all opportunities, all contacts, so that everyone in the world gets to know about Russian war crimes.

Ukraine was the first to overcome Putin`s psychological barrier. Through struggle, Ukraine have shown the world that Putin can and should be beaten for his crimes. Punishment should also be inflicted on everyone around the Russian leader, who in recent years by means of business and politics helped him create the illusion that he is strong enough to destroy Ukraine and throw the world into the darkness of war.

The world has changed. The Armed Forces of Ukraine, Ukrainian diplomacy led by the President Zelenskyy and everyone who became a weapon in defense of Ukraine shifted the perception of Russia in the world.

Everything points to the fact that Putin is still looking for a military solution to the problems he is facing in Ukraine. Every new attack Russia sends larger number of troops and military equipment. Armed Forces of Russia are receiving commands to shoot at civilians. Ukraine will hold Russia accountable for this atrocities in international courts.



Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine strongly condemns the barbaric missile attacks and indiscriminate shelling by the Russian Federation of residential areas and civilian infrastructure across Ukrainian cities. 

We express our sincere condolences to the families who lost their loved ones because of the devastating war President Putin has unleashed against the Ukrainian people.

Ukraine deeply regrets that a student from India has become a victim of the shelling by the Russian armed forces in Kharkiv. The Ministry offers its deepest sympathies to the Government of India and the relatives of the deceased. We stand ready to provide the Indian Embassy with the required assistance in order to repatriate the body of an Indian citizen.

The Chinese citizen was also injured in another Ukrainian city because of Russia’s deadly attacks.

The Ukrainian and foreign citizens have become hostages of the Russian armed aggression against Ukraine.

We call on all foreign governments to demand from President Putin that he immediately stops his war in Ukraine. This will allow us to stabilize the situation and focus more on the safety and security of the population, including foreign students.

The Ministry wishes to reiterate that there is no discrimination based on the race or nationality, including when it comes to the crossing of the state border by foreign citizens. Given the extreme security conditions, the first come first served approach applies to all nationalities, with certain humanitarian exceptions allowed for women and children.

We are working closely with the relevant agencies of Ukraine to step up support to foreign citizens, including students, wishing to return to their home countries or move to third countries due to the Russian military invasion. (


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