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This Man Can Save Us From Trump—and Clinton

This Man Can Save Us From Trump—and Clinton by John Noonan, The Daily Beast

… So who better than retired Marine General James Mattis?

Mattis is a battle hardened warrior, renowned for his humble leadership style and aggressive pursuit of America’s enemies. Nicknamed the “Warrior Monk,” Mattis is something of a cult figure in the Marines. One such tale had the general relieving a young Marine captain of sentry duty on Christmas Day, taking up the post himself so the young officer could be with his family. He’s known for his excellence in both the arts of combat and diplomacy alike. Mattis led the First Marine Division in an aggressive thrust into the Euphrates River Valley in 2003, but also skillfully managed the kaleidoscope of conflicting diplomatic relationships as Commander of U.S. Central Command.

Mattis is a student of both history and economics, known for quoting Greek sophists but unafraid to dabble in some occasional profanity—though his famous blunt talk, famously known as Mattisisms, would seem mild in a year laced with Trump’s vulgarities…

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Mon, 03/28/2016 - 3:24pm

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<blockquote>I personally do not believe the American people would elect a "General" even a fired one.</blockquote>
Why not...over the country's history, they've elected four: Washington, Jackson, Grant, and Eisenhower.…

This site in the Maine Corps Times gives General Mattis response. But I have to ask, why would a liberal news outlet advocate a warrior?
A controversy surrounds Mattis and his firing, but then Obama has fired so many officers.

The most radical interpretation of the "purges" is offered here:…
"During the course of our conversation, I asked his opinion on the belief that Obama is considering using the military to implement martial law against the American people.

This highly respected veteran looked me dead in the eyes, and said: “What do you think these purges have been about?”

Over the last couple of years, Obama has ordered hundreds of officers to leave the military.

In fact, on October 9, 2013, Vice Admiral Timothy Giardina, Deputy Commander of U.S. Strategic Command was relieved of duty. Two days later, the man in charge of the nation’s nuclear missiles, Major General Michael Carey was also relieved of his command.

Perhaps, the most infamous example of Obama’s purge, came with the forced exit of Marine Corps Gen. James Mattis."

3rd party or conspiracy theory nuts?

"Its a hell of a hoot" comment addressed to a San Diego audience in which the aftermath left some people wondering how deeply involved the General was with the drone industry and others wondering if he was fired for opposing Obama's use of them to kill American citizens, was a hell of a hoot.

I personally do not believe the American people would elect a "General" even a fired one. The liberals like the Daily Beast have been successfully making separation of the military from politics a canon of American politics as radical as separation of church and state and very effectively.


Sun, 03/27/2016 - 3:06am

Pipe dream....95% of the voters in America wouldn't even know who General Mattis is.