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These War Games Will Determine the Future of the Marine Corps

These War Games Will Determine the Future of the Marine Corps by Hope Hodge Seck,

Marines from the Corps' East Coast and West Coast expeditionary forces will spend several months this summer in a competition of sorts to help determine how the service will fight and train ten years from now.

This week, top brass from around the Corps are meeting in an executive off-site meeting near Washington, D.C., to discuss a plan that will use war games to shape the future force. It's part of an initiative called Force 2025, said Lt. Gen. Robert Walsh, the deputy commandant of Marine Corps Combat Development Command, who described the plan to during a recent lecture at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

In July, Marine Corps Commandant Gen. Robert Neller plans to choose one of two separately developed plans to shape the future force, Walsh said. On course of action favors an "evolutionary" approach, making changes in a more gradual fashion and building on existing methods and practices. The other, he said, is a "revolutionary" approach that emphasizes more "out of the box" ideas and disruptive thinking.

Neller has spoken often about the Marine Corps' need to develop its capabilities, particularly in the information warfare and cyber realm. In an order published in January, he set a 2017 deadline to expand information operations, cyber, and electronic warfare…

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